Councillor turns promises into action

MDC-T Councillor for Ward 3 in Marondera Central, Boniface Tagwireyi, has started repairing damaged roads – one of his 2014 resolutions for his constituents.

Boniface Tagwireyi hands groceries, donated by businesspeople, to Gogo Esnathi Masawi.
Boniface Tagwireyi hands groceries, donated by businesspeople, to Gogo Esnathi Masawi.

Tagwireyi resolved to upgrade the roads, improve the welfare of disadvantaged people and create a police post and satellite clinic in the ward.

Last Saturday, dozens of volunteers joined forces with Tagwireyi and filled up potholes on roads around Dombotombo township. Participants were mainly MDC-T in party regalia, since the ward is dominated by Morgan Tsvangirai’s followers.

“I could not wait to fulfil my obligations and resolutions for 2014. The electorate needs practical and sensitive leadership, hence the speedy implementation of the projects,” Tagwireyi told The Zimbabwean.

The most vocal of the three MDC-T city fathers in Marondera Central, Tagwireyi sourced gravel and tarmac material from well-wishers for the exercise.

Some members of the business community provided food for the volunteer workers and they also provided groceries that were later distributed to the elderly and other needy residents.

Service delivery in this provincial capital of Mashonaland East has fallen to residents, as the local authority has no resources to meet its obligations.

Volunteers collect refuse, repair burst sewers and cut down long grass along roads.

Tagwireyi said he was also in the process of identifying the most underprivileged children in the ward, as he intended to cater for their school fees, uniforms and other basics.

“Despite challenges posed by limited resources, I will do everything possible to improve the welfare of residents in my ward. The economically marginalised will have their fair share of the cake,” said Tagwireyi.

He urged other policy- and law-makers to be sincere and sensitive to the plight of the electorate, and to fulfil their duties.

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