Mayor Kombayi’s employee dies in suspected suicide

A 48 year old employee of Mayor Hamutendi Kombayi today died in a suspected suicide case after he fatally crashed down from the first floor of the city father’s vast Midlands Hotel building.

The employee, Ian Shoko, who works for Kombayi at his chrome mine located in Lalapansi, was reportedly protesting over non-payment of salary and delayed medical allowances.

When this reporter arrived at the west wing of the storied hotel, a huge crowd of about 600 people had gathered around the body of the deceased. Police were overwhelmed by the people jostling to catch a glimpse of Shoko’s body which was in a pool of blood.

An eye witness who sells wares opposite the hotel said Shoko spent about 10 minutes sitting precariously on the edges of a balcony on the first floor before he fell.

“I saw him sitting half naked on the balcony of the hotel with his feet hanging outside edges of the building. After some few minutes, I then saw him falling down and he hit the tarred road head first- dying instantly,” said the eye witness.

Sources at Midlands Hotel said Shoko arrived at the institution from the mine early this morning saying he wanted money to go to hospital from the management because he was yet to receive outstanding salaries.

“He was then advised to check into a room on the first floor and wait for Kombayi. However, we later heard he had jumped from the balcony and died. What surprises is that he had locked his room and exited through the window onto the balcony.

“Police had to later on recover the keys which were locked inside. It appears it was suicide because the guy had been complaining a lot about delayed monies owed to him,” said a source at Midlands Hotel.

The office of the Midlands provincial police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko was closed during efforts of seeking for comment. He was unreachable on his mobile phone.

Mayor Kombayi was said to be out of office while efforts to reach him on his phone also did not succeed.

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