Minister should suspect trip to Cuba

EDITOR - I was informed that on the festive season and New Year some of the Zimbabwean girls - because of the delay in the payment of our stipends - have resorted to prostitution as a way of sourcing some income for living?

Not only that, there are rumours saying that some of the boys here now have changed into gays. Why does the Zimbabwean government fail to pay us our stipends? It is now a year living here without money, students don’t even have clothes, shoes, nothing.

Who on this earth can send a student to a foreign country promising to support that child and on the way ignore like that, we have been abandoned for a very long period of time. If the stipend doesn’t arrive soon, I am sure that all the students here will be gays and prostitutes, how else can one afford to pay these living expenses in a communist country.

We heard that the new minister is coming to Cuba on February 5 and I would like to take this opportunity to tell her that the first thing which she needs to underline with red ink in her mind is that she is visiting a country where students don’t have even a single cen. She should not just march into the country and then disappear without addressing and helping us here.

How can the minister travel to Cuba spending money on hotels and flights whilst students are suffering so terribly? if i was a responsible minister, I would suspend the journey and send that money to students.

I am sure that when she arrives she is going to sing the same boring anthem on us, that the country doesn’t have money and are trying very hard to find our money.

Those lies are unwelcome here, you can’t come here and tell us that you don’t have money whilst the delegation is sleeping in expensive hotels.

I actually want to respond to ambassador Mvundura for what he said about us last year when we last wrote a letter to Daily News. He said he doesn’t know a Zimbabwean student who is destitute in Cuba. I just want to ask him if he still remembers what he told us in June last year – he said he was going to fight for our money. There is no need for him to cover the sun with a finger, he knows the truth and we want him to solve it like he promised.

We have the right to be sponsored by the government because we are capable students, the stipends have been stipulated so that students can manage to live in the countries where they are learning. This ministry needs mature, responsible and competitive people!

I would like to inform Zimbabwean students who are aspiring to pursue their studies using a government scholarship to countries like Cuba or Algeria that it’s not a good idea if you come from poor families who can’t send you money.

We have 12 students in 5th year coming home in July, seven students remaining here for their last year, and four postgrad students. We don’t even know where we will find the airfare to come home. – Cuban Student

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