Moving corrupt cops spreads the virus

Zimbabweans from all walks of life have expressed anger and disbelief at the continued transferring of corrupt police officers, ostensibly as one of the force’s disciplinary measures against wayward cops.

Merry Chapeya
Merry Chapeya

Recently, police transferred 33 traffic cops allegedly accused of soliciting bribes from motorists along Zimbabwe’s highways. The suspected culprits, including an officer-in-charge Avondale Police Station, were transferred to different stations in an exercise ZRP said was routine.

Inside sources and angry citizens said the force could not afford to dismiss the accused as their corrupt practices benefitted those in senior positions. People interviewed by The Zimbabwean said the ‘shameful’ transfers highlighted arrogance and corruption in the ZRP.

Jere Dunga of Marondera, called on government to bring the suspects to justice as the transfers would set tongues wagging at the expense of the dignity and integrity of the formerly globally respected police force.

Anyway Samaita Tafireyi said: “Silent transfers of accused officers would fuel mistrust in the law enforcing agency by citizens. Police should let the innocent exonerated at the courts of law or by inside disciplinary mechanisms.”

“The transfers if to do with the alleged corrupt practices would only further spread corruption to all police stations. Once a bad apple, always a bad apple,” said Merry Chapeya of Rujeko, Marondera.

Admire Takawira, a former police officer described the transfers as stinky. “Surely, if ZRP does not condone malpractice, it should take deterrent disciplinary measures against officers caught on the wrong side of the law.

“There is need for the suspects to go through trials and get justice. If the officers were corrupt as alleged, they should be punished through appropriate action. If the rumours doing rounds about the transfers are anything to go by, corruption in Zimbabwe has put the country in a shameful position.”

Peter Nyadembera said: “The transfers underscore and confirm rumours that those in top positions are behind corruption which has destroyed the Zimbabwe economy. The majority of people are virtually feeding from the bin as the country’s resources benefit only a few corrupt elements.”

Raphael Kamwaza said: “If criminal elements among those supposed to maintain law and order are protected and let scot-free, who will police the police?”

Teddy Duwati, who has some police experience, said: “Transferring suspects is not a remedy since they would be ‘criminal role models’ at their new deployments. Laws of the land should bind all and sundry without exception. Corrupt officers would continue with their criminal activities wherever they go.”

Misheck Manyere said: “Expecting this government to arrest corruption would be asking for too much. Corruption and other vices costing the economy would end with the coming of a new transparent and accountable government.”

Chinyama Chinyama said: “Fish start rotting from the head and there is no way the alleged corrupt officers can be dealt with seriously by the current ‘system’.”

John Rambanepasi, said: “Police are actually spreading corruption across the country like veld fire, by transferring identified corrupt elements instead of arresting and dismissing them from the peoples force.”

Inside sources accused police top brass of networking the corruption web and benefitting from crime. Some traffic officers have accumulated wealth which cannot be justified by their low remunerations. The majority of them are multiple property owners and have houses, vehicles, business empires among other valuable assets to their names.

Corruption among traffic police has become so ‘legitimate’ that the cops demand bribes from motorists in full view of the public.

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