Mujuru admits Zim Asset flawed

Vice President Joice Mujuru today admitted that the party’s five year economic blueprint, the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation, is flawed and should be reviewed to accommodate key enablers that would ensure the turnaround of the country’s economy.

The body of the late hero Retired Liutenant Colonel Harold Chirenda arrives at the Heroes Acre today.
The body of the late hero Retired Liutenant Colonel Harold Chirenda arrives at the Heroes Acre today.

Addressing mourners at the burial of Retired Lieutenant Colonel Harold Chirenda at Heroes Acre in Harare today, Acting President Mujuru said even though Zim Asset had been thoroughly debated within Zanu (PF) and at government level, it did not address some of the most important and critical aspects of the country’s economy.

Said Mujuru: “Recently, I met with a team of youngsters who said although they were happy with the country’s economic blueprint, Zim Asset left out two key areas which speak to the youth directly.”

Mujuru revealed that she had ‘defended’ the economic blue print arguing that Zim Asset had gone through various stages of the party and government and was debated thoroughly.

“The youngsters pleaded that I hear them out. Reluctantly I did. They asked: where is Information and Technology, where is the Banking and Financial Services Sector? I stood back pensive,” said Mujuru.

She told delegates that the conversation with the youths was a welcome development and it highlighted the need to revisit the policy and align it to the key enablers of economic growth.

Said Mujuru: “The conversation gave me hope because it suggested a generation that is actively engaging. This reflected a generation ready to challenge policy that seems inhospitable to its dreams,” said Mujuru, adding that there is need to revisit the policy and make it ‘elastic’.

“We certainly must give thought to such feedback and see how Zim Asset can be made elastic enough to accommodate these two key enablers or any other areas viewed as critical,” added Mujuru.

The 129 page document which elaborates government’s five year plans to be implemented by the Zanu (PF) led government rests on four pillars: Food Security and Nutrition, Social Services and Poverty Eradication, Infrastructure and Utilities and Value Addition and Beneficiation.

Analysts have castigated Zim Asset arguing that the document is premised on mere politicking and is not realistic considering that the country’s economic growth has stagnated.

Others have questioned why government was embarking on a new economic program when the previous one had not finished its course arguing that this paved way for shoddy implementation of government programs.

Very few people attended the burial of Chirenda and the majority of those that attended were soldiers, police officers and members of the Air Force of Zimbabwe.

Chirenda died in Bulawayo on January 1 after a long illnesses, at the age of 69.

A former freedom fighter who fought on the side of Zapu during the anti-colonial war, where he was a military instructor who trained the likes of the late army general, Solomon Mujuru and Jevan Maseko.

He was one of the war cadres who attended the Lancaster House conference that paved way for majority rule in 1979.

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