New beginnings, New Horizons for House of Hunger Poetry Slam

POETS IN HARARE will this weekend join together for the first big poetry gathering of 2014 - a wonderful collection of poetry and spoken word at the House of Hunger Poetry Slam on Saturday 11 January at the Book Café from 2-5pm. This first Poetry Slam for 2014 is themed ‘New Beginnings, New Horizons’.

Arnold Chirimika
Arnold Chirimika

Established and ‘new generation’ poets will be joined by internationally-acclaimed Zimbabwean poet CHIRIKURE CHIRIKURE who was one of the masterminds behind the slam in the early years and is now based in Germany, visiting home regularly with new ideas, encouragement, higher standards and new horizons to share. Another special guest will be ROBSON ‘SHOES LAMBADA’ who was an early participant at the start of the programme, and continues to encourage and raise the bar for younger poets in the slam.

Established by arts development organisation Pamberi Trust, The House of Hunger Poetry Slam presents poets whose evocative display of words and rhyming skill has something for everyone interested in poetic expression. In 2013 the platform welcomed 298 poets over 12 events (with some repeat performances), and a total poetry audience of over 900 in the year. Some participating poets spoke on how the Poetry Slam platform impacted on their work in 2013 and what they would desire to see this year as a new beginning.

Arnold Chirimika – ‘So Profound’ – is a popular poet who has been the House of Hunger favourite many times, grown from strength to strength and performed elsewhere in the region, said “The House of Hunger Poetry Slam influenced my poetry because it has taught me to be diverse and consistent. This year I want to grow beyond just something that happens every month, but something we can take to communities and various places where poetry can be a tool for social change”.

One of the leading female favourites of the House of Hunger Poetry Slam, Moreblessing (‘Momo’) Size said “The Slam has taught me how to seize my target audience’s attention and captivate them with my words, and the fact that the crowd can critique my work helps me grow as a poet. This year is about reaching my greater heights and getting my poetry published by end of 2014” she said.

“The House of Hunger Poetry Slam influenced my poetry in such a way that demanded penetration because of the competing nature of slam poetry. There is a vibe of who will be the best that demands a poet to work extra hard to perfect what they want to deliver, be on point, on time and not to lose the audience making thus making every poet a work hard on their piece” said Mazvita ‘Younique’ Gwangwadza. “In 2014 I would like to see a new horizon in the attitude and behaviour of poets. I urge all poets to have new content which follows the theme of that months’ poetry slam, and I also urge more female poets to participate” she added.

Tinashe Tafirenyika said “As a female poet I look forward to more females slamming, new pieces for the new year, a bigger and more diverse fan base this year. Last year for me personally, the slam was literally a spring board for my poetry. Almost every other performance I got came via House of Hunger Poetry Slam, so did most of the networking. I'm sure it did the same for other artistes. It's the most consistent poetry platform in Zimbabwe that I know of”.

Dennis Madyira, the January slam co-ordinator said “The selection of this month’s theme ‘New Beginnings, New Horizons’ was because we want to see more new poets coming forward, and to urge poets to start 2014 with a new mindset, being innovative and able to stand for their art. We are beginning a new year and we need new ideas. This year is a year to take poetry to greater heights and I believe the House of Hunger Poetry Slam is the platform to do that.”

The House of Hunger Poetry Slam provides a vibrant platform for performance poetry with soul-searching, hot and burning or peaceful and soothing poems which are a joy to the ear. On average, 25 poets take part each month. Poets are required to register with the M.C before the event starts at 2pm. They are judged by their peers, and the interaction is lively!

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