Parastatal witch-hunt : really?

The government has ordered an audit of all parastatals where the respective managements are supposed to give detailed reports regarding the employment benefits of those at the top. This initiative is commendable ONLY if one considers it at face value.

Paul Bogaert
Paul Bogaert

The real truth is that there is a lot of duplicity in the audit of parastatals. To start with, it is clear that government is simply trying to save face in the wake of blistering revelations of the obscene perks that parastatal heads have been dishing out to themselves.

The government is trying to give us the impression that it wants to deliver, particularly in the wake of the self-imposed burden named Zim Asset. This is a model that the government is touting as the panacea to our economic woes. Turning a blind eye to the clearly corrupt and fraudulent perks enjoyed by parastatal bosses would certainly bring Zim Asset into disrepute, so some people have to be seen to act.

Given the history of Zanu (PF) governments, there is no need for us to start celebrating that sanity is coming back to the parastatals. The party never walks its talk. Just last year, at the official opening of the Eighth Parliament, President Mugabe talked eloquently against corruption. Yet, slightly more than half a year down the line, nothing has happened to those who are corrupt in the public service, which teems with them.

Surely, government cannot be honest in its recent drive against parastatals, as the very individuals who run it now are the ones who are responsible for creating the mess in the first place. Most, if not all, heads of parastatals were appointed on partisan lines, with the skimpiest regard for merit and qualifications. Their appointments were nothing but a chance to ride the gravy train, so their looting tendencies are not surprising to us. If anything, those who appointed them were clearly benefiting from the shenanigans of their appointees.

Needless to say, the rot has persisted over a long period of time, with the pretenders – who now want us to believe they are concerned about the mess – turning a convenient blind eye. How then can we believe that they have undergone a Damascene experience and now have a bona fide desire to see things moving in the right direction?

This probe, like others before it, is more likely than not to subsist for a few weeks and then die down, with all going back to ground zero to roost.

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