Pay out money: Coltart

The budget allocation to the education ministry is encouraging but must be disbursed on time says former minister of education, David Coltart. He said that during his tenure in office, the education ministry received only a fraction of allocated funds, which delayed the implementation of a variety of projects.


“Failure to disburse the funds on time has ripple effects such as delayed implementation of government projects such as the curriculum reform programme,” he said. Close to a $1 billion of the $4,2 billion 2014 National Budget was allocated to primary and secondary education. “The ministry is by a considerable margin the biggest because almost two thirds of all civil servants are teachers,” said Coltart. Progressive Teachers Union Secretary General, Raymond Majongwe urged the ministry to use the allocated funds towards the development of the education sector.

“Key issues that should be addressed include teachers’ salaries, infrastructural development and the provision of books for students,” he said.

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