“Rapist” Pastor’s judgement deferred

Judgement in the matter in which Independent End Time Message founder, Robert Martin Gumbura, is facing nine counts of raping six of his congregates has been postponed after Magistrate; Hosea Mujaya ordered an inspection at Gumbura’s residence where the crimes were allegedly committed.

Gumbura denies the rape charges being levelled against him and today he led the State together with the police around the house in which he had sexual intercourse with the women which he claims was by consent.

The case continues tomorrow during which the State and the defence are expected to make their submissions before Mujaya.

There was commotion at the Harare Magistrates Court number 16 as congregates, witnesses as well as family members and friends of Gumbura jostled to get a seat to hear the judgement which had been set for today.

The development prompted the police to evict some of the people due to space shortage.

Gumbura however looked composed and would crack jokes while showing the State and the police around his residence.

His three wives who were at home looked unshaken as well and expressed confidence that their husband would be acquitted.

Today’s inspection revealed Gumbura’s flashy lifestyle as modern and expensive furniture could be seen in his houses.

His compound comprises seven houses of which one of them is a 25 bedroomed house which is near completion.

Several cars were parked around the compound as well.

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