Shall I take her back?

Dear Aunty

I got divorced to my ex-wife after she fell in love with my closest friend who later married someone and left her. She is now struggling because she has no job and she is struggling to pay her bills. She now wants me back. But I am also confused whether I should I take her back or not. – P.M

Dear P.M

People do wrong and everyone is liable to making mistakes but we all differ in how we later look back at our wrong doings and learn from them.

Your ex-wife certainly made a fatal mistake that placed your marriage on the rocks. But getting back together after a divorce or separation depends on the willingness of both parties. Does she genuinely want you back because she regrets what she did and realizes you are the man for her, or she is left with no choice after being dumped by your friend? It is an important question whose answer is the key to your final decision.

As part of her reason of coming back to you, she needs to realize that you love her and learn to reciprocate with respect and honesty – not only as her financial support.

The power of forgiveness comes from the heart. If you feel you have forgiven her with all your heart and she is genuine in her apology, then there will not be anything wrong with you taking her back. Of all things however, you need to feel that love for her still inside your heart in order for both of you to make the reunion work. God Bless. – Aunty Lisa

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