Two lynchings in Maputo

Lynch mobs murdered one person and severely injured another in Maputo last week, according to Maputo City police spokesperson Orlando Mudumane.

Briefing reporters on Monday, Mudumane said that in the Urbanizacao neighbourhood a 22 year old youth, suspected of committing robberies, was severely beaten by a mob and died on the way to hospital.

In the second incident, in Malhangalene neighbourhood, a 23 year old man was set on fire by an enraged group of local residents who allegedly surprised him stealing items from a parked car. He was severely injured, but survived and is currently under intensive care in Maputo Central Hospital.

Mudumane said the police strongly condemn such instances of crowds taking the law into their own hands, and thus bypassing the institutions that should deal with crime.

“We appeal to people that when they seize criminals, they should deliver them to the nearest police post or station”, he urged, “in order to avoid these situations”.

He added that the police are now working on the ground to identify the ringleaders of the lynch mobs.

Mudumane also mentioned two cases of “private imprisonment” – known in ordinary language as kidnapping. These were the cases of businessmen Kishor Chootalala, abducted outside his central Maputo shop on 10 January and Subschash Chandra, seized five days later in the plush suburb of Sommerschield.

Mudumane said the police are making efforts to clear up these cases – in other words, the police have not yet identified the kidnappers or the whereabouts of their victims.

He added that the police have arrested five people in connection with two cases of armed robbery, and have seized two pistols used in the robberies.

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