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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

What Zimbabwe do you want in 2014?

true that not just to sit n do nothing, people need work – @TsmartRazor

Nothng frm mugabe nd his thugs as long as they mix politics nd the economy nd continue 2 chase away investors – Abed Mberik

Free Zimbabwe freedom of speech – Mthobi Kutty Shabalala

A Zimbabwe where people will not be blinkered on the basis of sunctions but reality being told prima facie – Donald Mampongwani Shoko

In the spirit of Madiba, Gushungo may shock the world & announce he is stepping down at ZPF conf & 2014 becomes turnaround year – @TitusGwemende

I wanna c more developement in all fronts of course en sam tolerance towards each atha iregardless of 1’s political affiliation.zim z ours to desroy /build,i prefare the later. – Prosper Sibanda

Where is Zimbabwe’s economy going in 2014?

“Chinamasa’s budget will respond to the fiscal proposals in ZimAsset. It will be mercantilistic budget, protectionist. That would see imports falling down next year, especially for finished goods, and that would reduce the trade deficit. Exports renaissance would be largely determined by the effectiveness of measures which shall be put to promote local competitiveness, e.g combating corruption at the border posts, nipping smuggling at the ports of entry, reforming labour laws etc.

The new tax law, which is residence based, will affect compliance” – Clémence Machadu

Obviously would improve for better. Removal of sanctions will enable a better inflow of revenue to the fiscuss and implemantion of zimset will also allow for transparency in every program by the goverment. Everyone is going to work fo a goodwill especially for all ministers currently in office. More over i think it needs also to be careful on its indegenous policy as it reduce foreign direct investment. Government must borrow money only for economic revaival. Moreover it must only stick to economic policy outlined in the zimsat. My opinion is all funds from different sectors of the economy be directed to treasuary all programes should be done as per guidelines in the zimset no to deviation as it wil create a lot of pressure on the fiscus. Thax mr zimbabwean. Fine hope you are going to bring more developement on your desk for discussion. In the sense that they are the ones to be blamed on the downsize of the economy, effort is being made internaly to turn around the economy fo better to run away from unnecessary allegations of economic shrinkage – Elliot Tirimboyi

People in power shld frst change their mindset ….. – Farai Brian Chihururu

It’ll change from very bad to very very bad. Corruption has crippled our nation, and i dont think it can be tackled by anyone. – Blessing Makweche

Blessing Makweche
Blessing Makweche

Further down these clowns have no plan – Fidelis Zimbango

Someone is talking abt sanctions??? lol…this old tired excuse from the tired regime!! zim’s no.1 enemy is the illegitmate authority other than anything else. – Mthokozisi Nxumalo

It won’t improve with the calibre of geriatric leadership we have – John Marchford Pfidze

With God everything is possible. – Shadreck Mbiragai

Lets not set policies and ignore that implementation is key for results as the budget outlines, our govt spends more than on the budget which always creates deficit therefore creating the investor lack of confidence – Good political status can restore investor confidence meaning more direct foreign investment, more infructure setup and mo jobs. Pacorruption taura hako nyika right now its down on its knees. Zimdollar intro also its meaningless if no supported by strong value added production to increase forex and favourable balance oftrade – Irvine Mupfuri

Getting to work. – Ann Hein

Its a downward spiral nothing good is coming … it also seems there is a drought – Walter Tatenda Makwara

Seriously tackle corruption – Matt Muzah

Nothing will change for the better economically. i foresee a danger of introducing the Zimdollar in a move to decimate the bankers’ profits. i dont trust this current government, they can make a U-turn & experiment something impossible even to an infant. – Mehleli Ndlovu

Before you talk about 2014, what is Zimbabwe’s mission statement. What and where is the source of money. Iam suprised that the government make budget with no money in the pocket. Why they play with Zimbabwean citizens? Its like a father in the house who propose a budget based on borrowing money some where, why our same government every single year they always look for money some were? Why do you focus on 2014 like we know where we are right now? Really I dont know exactlly how our government operate – Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

Will 2014 be Zimbabwe’s year to fight corruption?

NO. Who’s gonna fight it when the parliament committee on it, is its face! – Irvine Mupfuri

Kikiki which Zimbabwe? When people like Kumbirai Kangai are going to rest at the the Heroes Acre corruption is honored not fought – Charles Matorera

We still not ready to fight corruption! Yes, not now with the calibre of leadership that we have! – Royal Ishemupenyu Mhenyu

May be so especially with most of the cabinet ministers drawn from Zanu PF – they would try by all means to please the electorate – Elliot Tirimboyi

when the president is greedy, the people are poor – @Alexweir1948

On the return of the Zim Dollar electronic money may save the day – but dinosaur banks wont like this and will oppose, & Mugabe & zanupf will want their 8% – @Alexweir1949

Do you think indigenisation policies will influence economic growth in Zimbabwe in 2014? iwo maindigenised banks atotanga kutadza kupa vanhu mari dzavo makuseni soo much, I doubt it so. Almost everything that was indigenised according 2 me failed. land 4 example used to produce enough food 2 export but now the same land can’t even produce enough 2 feed its own people. – Tose Shoko

No no no no it continues to worsen the turmoil and scare away potential investors and corruption will rise, it will even tamper around with the labor laws hence making decent work a bridge too far, backyard industries and informal sector will continue to rise – Oliver Madyiwa

Depends on how the policy makers try to lure investors into the country – but of course if there is so much corruption its a utopia to get us by till things work out in a transparent and accountable manner which is a goal still to be realized – Eric Murumbie Elson

I don’t see us luring the same investors we are chasing. – Lloyd Choto

The investor is afraid of this policy INDIGENISATION pouring money into some other people for doing nothing, while the intended beneficiary rots in poverty – John Marchford Pfidze

I dont think so coz zimbos are corrupt – Audie Mandy

Indegenisation has proved a failure. It will never be a panacea to Zimbabwe’s problems as long as the government owns 51% stake. This policy will continue to cripple the economy if not addressed – Sanchez Rennias Muchemi

Indigenisation if done well will foster the development of the economy. The problem may only be that a repetition of beneficiaries – Elliot Tirimboyi

No, a big no. Indigenisation policies are just like phase 1 and 2 of the failed ESAP of 1990 to 2000. Crooks will never ever bring anything good to the innocent. – Bothwell Ringisai Mabaso

If it means grabbing exisiting foreign owned companies, then for sure it will not see the day. Create new firms and invest all the energy in funding the indigenous projects – Lovemore Sibanda

Indigenisation policies can may influence economic growth if explained clearly. We got plenty of countries with sovereign wealth funds (SWF). One characteristic of swf is that the potential investor doesnt want majority shareholding. Take the example of China with external reserves of $US3,66 trillion. Hama, we got a lot of explaining to do – Clémence Machadu

Whatever Zanu PF touches burns . Look @ NRZ , farms, GMB , AirZim the list is endless , its all abt looting frm these heartless morons . What makes them think the indigenisation of the few companies left will succeed . Aloota continuaaaa – Ezekiel Padare

Watch the space – zim is sinking back to 2008 or even way beyond that now even the banks they indiginised are SHUTTING DOWN then where is the hope . we got to get over this indigenisation issue . and do it like S.A cuz if not this going be a deserted land pretty soon – Clement Carl Jackson

Is there an example of a place where these policies have ever worked? – Avanza Vaile

If corrupt politicians and ministers were not included in shareholding, then members of the public, citizens in particular, could do it, success could be there because they were going to maximize profit by professional management. More so,it had to be designed by the affected ones, especially the young, graduated and unemployed ones, they have the potential to be successful globally – Shepherd WaMasedze

If done in the correct way – Bothwell Tapiwa Chipote

#hapana hapana y huori# chete chete – Tafadzwa Tan Tan Tangwara

Lets give team zanu pf a chance to prove itself guys – Brian Kasunzuma

Nothing at all we can expect from such a poor ,dirty policy shame on you – Isaac Zato Manditsvara

Do you think Zim can still attract foreign investment while implementing indigenisation policies?

Yes, provided the policies suit both the investor and the nation. Our policies must not be like we want to punish who ever brings his/her money here – Lovemore Sibanda

Only if they come out with clear policies that will attracts foreign investment, indeginasation will cause much more poverty with only fear pple benefiting from it. it will be a year of misery. – Felix Rutunga

How can they attract foreign investment when their indegenisation policies are a ‘scarecrow’ to foreign investors. As long as these policies are not ammended, forget about foreign investors. – Sanchez Rennias Muchemi

On Gender violence

I hear men who were raised by violent parents are also prone to abuse their spouses. Maybe they should get counselling before getting in marriage. – Clémence Machadu

On Marange diamond mining

I think what Minister Chidhakwa is trying to do might yield some positive results. The issue of putting CCTVs that he mentioned might bring transparency. Also, now that our diamonds can be sold at Antwerp, following the lifting of sanctions on ZMDC, means an expanded market for our rocks, and a migration from sale bt tender to sale by auction. That should see our rocks fetching better prices. Antwerp is the world’s biggest diamond market so yah – Clémence Machadu

On Mandela’s legacy

That has not happened in the last 30 or years. There is a dearth of people oriented political leadership in the country.- @pasirugare

On the economy

Year 2014 will be a thorn in the flesh. We have seen these precursor events like cash shortages, hunger, political turmoil just to mention a few. Lets brace for severe suffering . – Sanchez Rennias Muchemi

I am afraid but i agree with u the economy will go hay wire long queues everywhere shortage of basic commodities 2014 akadhakwa! – Nobert Madzongwe

2014 maface lets give it to god we hope team zanu pf wil in prove from way is today – Brian Kasunzuma

There is nothing like all people enjoying the fruits of a country that is a myth sold by politicians. 2014 is going to be tough because we are failing to do apply fundamental principles required in a global economy. Our leaders need to be smart about our Political image. – Reginald Mudunge

Today I was sitting talking to a gentleman from Pakistan, he was working in a carpet shop … his job there was to try and sell us a carpet. We were very honest and said we do not need anything and will not be buying a carpet …. after we cleared up where we all stood he happily started to show us his most beautiful ones … many silk carpets were on the floor and of course shoes off and bums down. All feeling comfortable with each other we exchanged stories and the one I loved was the one about the Apple tree ….. his story took us back to when he was a child and how his family had so many apple trees and all the village would be eating these apples for free … he said as he grew up he saw the changes how now the apples were gathered and sent to big town markets for cash …. it even got as bad as one time he and his friends saw some apple trees and went and picked some and the owner came out with a gun !!!! He said he so misses those times of his youth ….. I started to smile and said you know what I have just come from a very little island where i overhead a local saying his grand parents have so many mango trees and one tourist said … you should gather them all and sell them !!!! He looked at him and said we give them away for free to all our friends and families …. So you see where you think things just keep getting worse …. there is always another space where things are just right !!!! 2014 can be whatever u want it to be …. because as community charing and helping each other all is possible. HOPE FOR THE BEST !!!! I always do xxxx – Samm Sammstones

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