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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Raymond Ngomanyuni
Raymond Ngomanyuni

Do you think government should tax the informal sector? Will it cost more to collect than it will earn?

kkkkkkkkkkk zvinota kupererwa vakomana. – Philip Masisimani

Recommended read for insights is ‘Beyond the Enclave-Towards a Pro-Poor & Inclusive Dvpt Strategy’ for #Zimbabwe (Ed) G Kanyenze. – @DeproseM

Ok we will stop banking. – @iamTinoMurira

He is mad. – Simba Nondo Tanaka

In principle, part of the informal sector is already subject to presumptive tax. The informal sector should really be taxed. Our new constitution says the burden of tax should be shared equitably. The informal sector represents about 60 percent of the economy, with final census stats from ZimStat saying that more the 3 million people are in the informal sector. There should be concrete mechanisms to tax this sector so as to abet revenue inflows. Coupled with the new residence based tax law, it should see next year’s inflows rebounding. The cost of course would be felt a bit, but would be overwhelmed by the return. – Clémence Machadu

Angles and demons. Jera

I wonder if this is a genuine – The Zimbabwean? I know there are Mr Mugabe’s spies on this Facebook page . They have stopped the distribution of The Zimbabwean to my door step because of what I have written about the prisons torture. I won’t keep quiet. It should be a free world with freedom of speech. It shows outright that Zanu (PF) didn’t win the elections recently, why so insecure hunting people everywhere who dare oppose them? Intimidation and torture is Zanu (PF)’s legacy. Instead of working towards progress for the country, they spend time planning strategies of how to torture people. I know the people who pretended here on this Facebook page to be so friendly to me are the dirty hands of the regime . – Marjorie Kashiri

Questioning Madiba’s legacy z tantamount to witchcraft. 1 doesnt purify himself bt its the ppl are the only impartial judges to that.u dont need a rocket scientist to know about Madiba bt jus listerning to all those who shared his life closely with him. – Prosper Sibanda

Mandela my role model, Mandela my hero, Mandela my father, Mandela my ancestor, Mandela the icon……he did outstanding things unlike some moomish leaders i know.Some were hell-bent on revenge on things that happened centuries ago while Madiba forgave. – Mehleli Ndlovu

Tongai zvaakatoita izvozvo is great and he left it to his successors to complete the revolution. Saka vatingatoti vakatadza is Mbeki & Zuma. – Shadreck Mbiragai

Mandela hapana hapana he managed tu liberate the pple socialy only not economicaly and politicaly. – Tongai Salatiel Madziva

Mandela my hero. – Florence Gotora

Mandela, in his grave, l still salute him. – Sunny Wamambo Mutsvedu

My Hero. – Goronga Clarsoon

U cant even try to equate Madiba with Mugabe. The only thing that comes close is just their AGE.Mandela had a calling en he stood by it nomatter wat he went thru.Zim z where it z ryt now coz some idiots wont learn. Haters eat humble pies. – Prosper Sibanda

Free To Poach Again. Jera

Point taken but the chinese a running zimbabwe ma frends evamwe saka todii navo.kuindustry havabhadhari ma one hey. – Theophellus Mvicha

Ministers and Judges are the dealers what do you expect. – Tinevimbo Thakah Charltine

MaChina ndoatove varidzi venyika ino nhai, kuzoti vakarepa mbwa dzedu vanongonzi two hours community service! – Stephen Zimuto Chinhuwo

Plz look east policy ngaisava inoita kuti these pple vaexploite muzim it must be win win. Imagine dai ari muzimba akabatwa ikoko. – Ceasar Chimbwanda

Remember the Zhing zhong now rule here. – Lloyd Choto

Then anoconnector magetsi opuhwa 10 ma calendar and Dudu Mhanhenga obva anzi enda hako unodya cheese uri pahouse. – Riginai Django Romweji

Aaah nyika yaenda vakomana, pakutoda vakashinga moyo apa varume…nway the truth shall cme out sn, apa lmbwa dzedu dziri kupera pakare. – Baba VaRyan Walata

Tell them the terrorist. Bavele. – Robert Ndlovu

Hw come? Smugglers(drugs) in China its death sentence, our animals are being killed for their horns and are becoming extinct and yet a quailified judge cant set a good judgement l smell corruption. – Evans Mulolowa

Mamama ndo indigninasation iyoyo. – Jack Tamry

Becozs he’s a Chinese. We’re watching. – @muzenda_obert

Look East policy. – @btmaramz Should ARDA be privatised?

Its less a question of privatisation and more a question of finding committed and competent management. Many private companies are also struggling with fraud, graft etc. – Chemwi N Mutiwanyuka

What do u expect frm Basil Nyabadza’s leadership. All parastatals are being siphoned by Zanu thieves. – Joel Mutasa

Would you employ an ex-convict?

This is a zanu project. – Mthokozisi Nxumalo

Since Prison Service steals food every day which was destined for prisoners. How can you train people who are starving?…. PR Officers are paid to lie. – Alex Weir

A Zim prison sentence is like a hell sentence. Where will they get the money to provide those vocational luxuries when they can’t even provide the basics such as food, warm blankets, soap. You see inmates wearing torn uniforms, looking hungry all the time etc – not quite a conducive environment for learning. I guess that’s why they always utilise every single opportunity they get to attemp to escape, regardless of the risks of getting caught. They will be just trying to escape from HELL. – Clémence Machadu

What do you think government should do to tackle gender-based violence?

As long as the top leadership endorses & normalizes it in their public statements, gender based violence will remain a problem. – @dubbydacious

It must now implement its National Gender Based Violence Strategy launched 2012 – has 4 key result areas. Action now! – @JessieFMajome

What is your favourite image of Mandela?

He realised that love of materials is useless. Mandela let everything be bygone becoz he knows even if you fight u wil not get anything. He knows that God wil do everything for him. USA is great becoz of rectifying all deferrences today. Our leaders are living the life of yesterday instead of today. You cant live past today. Live modern not stone age. – Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

Mandela ordering his motorcade to stop by freeway roadside for him to help a lady whose car had broken down: a kin to an angel’s help. – @Everisto_Kamera

Do you think Zimbabwe should legalise abortion?

We absolutely should! If legal means are not available then back ally abortions become the only alternative #abortion #Zimbabwe. – @Taffgidi

Yes it should be legalised. – @MissGovathson

No and my answer is not based on religious beliefs. – @einogn

An umbrella criminization of abortion is unfair. There are certain cases where it should be permissible, such as when a woman is raped and opts to do the procedure or when a minor becomes pregnant, amongst other reasonable circumstances. The argument is akin to that of lifting sanctions on ZMDC. The presence of sanctions was actually fuelling corruption and opaqueness. Similarly, the criminization of abortion promotes women to practise unsafe contingencies, thereby compromising their health or even dying. When looked from that perspective, one would argue that it shud be legalized for special circumstances. – Clémence Machadu

Yes they should women be able to choose. – Mai Tawona

We don’t want like that in our culture. – Raymond Ngomanyuni

Chero wabatwa chibharo kuuraya kwakashata Mwari anenge atozvironga kuti ubate mimba yacho iwe wouraya. – Caleb Mutsvuke

I think it should be legal kune avo vanoda,but ini I wouldn’t do it hangu.its better pane kuenda ku n’anga. – Zoe Gumbo

No no Killing someone is a crime, its a SIN b4 GOD nomatter how old the person is. – Elijah Raselly Ziki

God forbid that. It was wise for Joyce to raise her child that she aborted because the husband left her anyway. Remember she lost a child, now her healthy is on the line & she can’t take care of her kids. – Benson Brown

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