Climber scales 1,500ft cliff without ropes

A video of a rock climber scaling a 1,500ft sheer cliff face without any safety equipment is going viral online.

More than 300,000 people have watched the clip of daredevil Alex Honnold climbing the face of El Sendero Luminoso in Mexico.

The American free climber managed to make it to the top of the cliff face in only three hours and did so without any safety harnesses, reports Metro.

Honnold is known for conquering high peaks without the use of safety equipment but his latest climb could be his greatest yet.

“I would stop at the occasional good foothold and shake it out, but for the most part I kept a very steady pace,” he told Planet Mountain after his climb.

YouTube viewers were divided between those paying tribute to Honnold’s talent and courage while others called him an idiot for putting his life on the line.

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