Cornered Mugabe now scared of his own shadow

EDITOR – Previous and recent events in the Zimbabwe drama have clearly shown us that President Mugabe is venturing into perilous waters. He is as desperate as ever to remain in power, hence the man has taken frantic measures only aimed at strengthening his grip on power and not about the country’s economic recovery.

The man is actually scared of his own shadow to the extent that he has missed several opportunities to show the world that he is the pragmatic leader he purports to be.

In writing a new constitution for Zimbabwe, Mugabe has shown his true colours by denying the masses a much-needed constitution that could protect ordinary people from the creature called Zanu (PF).

Surely Mugabe cannot fight against the people of Zimbabwe and win? Neither can he fight against the world’s major powers. By smuggling their own views into the draft constitution, Mugabe has shown how far he has distanced himself from the very people who were supposed to democratically invest that power in him. Therefore the talk of a ‘rejuvenated Zanu (PF)’ is just plain rubbish. There is already a tide sweeping Zanu (PF) out of Zimbabwean politics.

Land must be taken from the Zanu (PF) chefs and given to ordinary people, as they are being discriminated against by the Zanu (PF) machinery.

The land question can only be settled once and for all when it is taken out of the context of politics.

Rhodesia gave the whites 70 per cent of fertile land and the remaining 30 per cent was allocated to the blacks. Now under the Mugabe regime, 70 per cent of the prime land has gone to Zanu (PF) bigwigs. Is there a difference? There is, in that at least the whites were proactive and productive, while Zanu (PF) chefs live in hotels, not on the farms they have grabbed.

At least sanctions should stay as they are saving us money. – Glee Chinana

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