Election cheating

Africa, sadly, has made the subject of Mugabe a racial one – Africa against the West – when millions of Zimbabweans have fled economic hardship brought about by mismanagement of the country. Having seen the continent’s most influential statesmen – Mbeki, Obasanjo and Zuma – shielding Mugabe, even with evidence showing election cheating, most Zimbabweans have resigned themselves to the fact that there will be no external intervention while the country burns.


The opposition parties seem incapable of deposing Zanu (PF) – whether fairly or otherwise – having lost elections even when Mugabe’s popularity was at its lowest. We get it; we are stuck with Zanu (PF).

Modern science has not yet invented an antidote for ageing. Even at family level, elderly members step back to allow the younger generation to take care of affairs. Our grandfathers, many of them younger than Robert Mugabe, are careful not conduct business – not even the sale of livestock – without the protection of their more alert children. Mugabe might make a convincing show of his energy levels and his mental alertness – thanks to the healing powers of Far Eastern alternative medicine – but it is clear that he has become a mere figurehead and the country is practical running itself.

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