Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a woman aged 25. I have been married for four years and all this time my sisters-in-law hardly talk to their brother heart-to-heart, they are not frank with each other. All they do is assume things about their brother that they do not know.

They have a tendency of taking my words and using them against me when they talk to their brother. They make it seem like I don’t appreciate him and that I will be complaining each time I open up to them with personal issues in my heart. I am confused – maybe I should stop communicating with them because it is causing friction in my family. I need your advice please. – Leonorah

Dear Leonorah

This is a delicate situation and you need to be very clear about the way you communicate. It is unfortunate that you have been misunderstood, or rather you are misunderstanding each other. It is important that you set the record straight, get your sisters to understand you properly – it is dangerous to work on assumptions.

But it if it happens that in seeking to be understood you are misunderstood more then leave it like that and learn to keep things to yourself. You can have a trusted friend that you may confide in if none of your sisters seem to get the proper meaning of what you tell them.

If your sisters fail to appreciate your husband it is then your duty to make sure that your husband feels appreciated and know that he is loved and believed in. They may have grown up with that attitude of criticising each other. It is your husband’s place to stop it if he sees they are crossing the line. Just continue being a loving wife and a good sister-in-law. – Aunty Lisa

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