School of rock, the Zimbabwean rock scene

Book Café will open its doors for the reincarnation of a music scene: Zimbabwean rock! Since legendary Zimbabwean rocker, Andy Brown, passed away almost 2 years ago, there has been a serious lack of local rock music to satisfy fans of local rock music and organizers of the new initiative hope to change this.

The ‘School of Rock’ gig will feature four Zimbabwean rock bands, mbira-punk rockers ‘chikwata.263’ with their unique blend of traditional mbira fused with punk rock, ‘Evicted’ who are currently working on their second album, Mabvuku’s own rock-metal band ‘Acid Tears’, and surprisingly the legendary former Dynamos goalkeeper Laban Kandi and his own rock band ‘Total Package’.

Both chikwata.263 and Evicted were picked up by South African promoters ‘Seed Experiences’ for the recent Victoria Falls New Years Eve Carnival line-up and Evicted also won Arcadia Sports Club’s Battle of the bands last year, whilst chikwata.263 played both HIFA and Chimanimani festivals and have toured South Africa. These two bands have cultivated decent followings in the capital and play fairly often in and around Harare.

Acid Tears are easily the youngsters of this particular party but have already made a name for themselves performing at Book Café’s Open Mic and opening for ‘chikwata.263’. They define their rock sound as Euro- Sungura which is a mix between afro-Zim-grooves with a heavy rock influence: a trance filled sound that sends audiences into a dancing frenzy.

“This show is going to be an epic rock show, the sounds of these bands are nicely interwoven rock and traditional Zimbabwean sounds. They have managed to us their musical experiences drawn from different cultural bases into a real Zimbabwean Rock sound that anyone can walk in and dance to, enjoy and celebrate life.” said Musicologist and events manager, Extra- Blessings Kuchera.

A jack of goal keeping has become a jack of rock music, Laban Kandi, a house hold name for most Dynamos fans have decided to unleash his musical talent. Laban Kandi and the band Total Package come in as the wildcard for this particular show and whilst this is the first show for the band, the musicians involved are very experienced and should not be taken lightly.

“Laban Kandi and Total Package is one interesting thing to look forward to, it’s nice that rock is sprouting in the most unexpected spaces in Zimbabwe, and I believe that is Music Freedom as well. To me this show celebrates World Music Freedom,” noted theatre practitioner Dennis ‘Chitova’ Madyira.

The show is being promoted by ‘Jive Zimbabwe’ who have previously done shows with Jah Prayzah, Sulu, and mbira giants Mawungira enHarira. The ‘School of Rock’ themed show will be held at Book Café on Samora Machel Ave on Friday 28th February from 8pm and rock fans can take advantage of reduced entry by dressing up in their old school uniforms for the night.

“It’s a show not to be missed. He is a household name for most Dynamos fans and I’m sure many of them will be excited and curious to hear what he has to offer the Zimbabwean music scene off the soccer pitch” Concluded Michael Mabwe who is its Arts and Culture represantive of the mother body of NGOs in Zimbabwe, NANGO.

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