Stinking streets are sign of the times

A disgusting habit has sprung up on the streets of Harare. At the city’s transport stops, touts and commuter drivers have adopted a culture of urinating into plastic bottles and then leaving the bottles wherever they like.

“Making more toilets available is the only way to stop people from urinating in bottles,” said one bus driver. “People are too impatient to stand in line waiting for their turn to use a stinking toilet.”

Public toilets have not been renovated in years, the population has grown and long queues are now the norm, especially for women who can’t join make use of bottles.

One health expert called on the city council to extend toilet facilities and to make them more attractive and hygienic, so that people would be encouraged to use them.

“Hygiene and sanitation have been compromised,” said another driver. “The toilets are usually dirty, out of order sometimes and stinking. I actually prefer urinating into a plastic container rather than a public toilet where I have to hold my breath.”

The habit has become rampant at the busy Fourth Street rank, but city council workers say the sight of urine-filled bottles is common throughout the city ranks.

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