Take a stand against corruption

EDITOR - Fellow countrymen and women – Please find details of the petition we have created in the fight against corruption. This is to support and demand the President take charge of this national crisis and act decisively and send the culprits where they belong.

Read for yourself and appreciate the contents, which were consulted upon widely before the petition was put online. The wheels are already turning but we want a more formal public inquiry that will set a precedent and deter future misconduct.

Sign and circulate the link widely please, we expect to reach a minimum target of 2,500 signatures by February 13 when this petition will be presented to the President and copied to the Speaker of Parliament and President of the Senate for distribution to elected national representatives of the whole population on the ground.

This is your patriotic duty, Please send to all in your contacts lists and ask them to do the same. Inaction is not an option. Silence means you are contented with the situation. Let’s make some serious, positive noises.

www.ipetitions.com/petition/his-excellence-president-robert-mugabe-of-the Facebook group – Corruption in Zimbabwe, The Fight of Our Life: www.facebook.com/groups/622054457842671/

Thank you and God bless. – Anon, by email

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