The lie must end – now!

There is no doubt in my mind that most of us want the same things. Our country has so much potential – but we are unlikely to realise it in this lifetime as long as we leave the responsibility for change to either Zanu (PF) or the MDC.

It must now be evident even to those that have been jumping up and down in support of Zanu (PF) that the lie that we are where are is because of “sanctions” or international regime change agenda must end. Unfortunately this lie has been sold to all and sundry by those who have been plundering our resources while pretending to care for our needs.

Zanu (PF) has destroyed our heritage; they have decimated our educated middle class because these are the people that are most likely to challenge them. They have destroyed agriculture and industry and continue to claim exclusive rights to our mining and natural resources.

On the other hand, we have the MDC – from whom we all expected much. But we have seen that this is not a party of excellence. They have forgotten that many others have died or have been injured in supporting the cause of change.

The philosophy of none but ourselves, promoted by Zanu (PF) over the last 34 years has crept into the psyche of MDC and we must reject that now – otherwise we will not change Zimbabwe.

This is a time to realise that we cannot wait for politicians who feel entitled to power to determine our future. We cannot wait for politicians who are bickering for position while millions remain jobless and hopeless. We cannot continue to do nothing while they pay themselves salaries and perks as if this economy is productive. It is inexcusable for Zanu (PF) to blame the West and for the MDC to blame Zanu (PF) – because we will be forever stuck in the blame game while time is not on or side.

Press statements on what is wrong with Zimbabwe will not liberate us. The witch hunt within Zanu (PF) will not put food on our tables. The sensational unearthing of massive corruption is a side show to the real issue of economic mismanagement and patronage. We must beware that it does not dupe us into believing that at last they are cleaning up the mess. Once more, we are being duped as spectators of a power struggle within Zanu (PF) and MDC. This power struggle will not result in better leadership that we deserve. It will not result in economic revival. Those who “win” are most likely to behave as they wish because of our complacency, cowardice and false hope that things are about to change for the better.

The facts are that Zanu (PF) has no plans for you and me while the MDC is focusing on preserving its leadership for personal aggrandisement. It is time for fundamental change and action.

It is with this in mind that I invite you all to seriously consider a new united and inclusive movement for change; a movement that seeks no confrontation but rather to create a new leadership in our country; a movement that must continually challenge all our politicians and their entitlement to power without accountability or delivery; a movement led by the people of Zimbabwe who wish to see the dignity, security and prosperity for us all regardless of race, tribe or gender.

It is time to register our dissatisfaction with our political leaders. To tell them that we aspire to much higher standards of leadership than they are offering us. To register the fact that we are now taking the responsibility of creating the Zimbabwe we want.

Your responsibility as a Zimbabwean is to now take the responsibility for change because those you have been expecting to work on your behalf have failed or are unwilling to do so. – Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. You can contact him at [email protected]

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