Valentine’s blues

Dear Aunty Lisa

I overheard my boyfriend saying that he is does not value Valentine’s Day. He told his friends that he has no intention of buying me any gifts and if I insist on them he would dump me.

I am caught in between, one half of my heart tells me that he loves me so much and the other tells me he is using me. I don’t know whether I should dump him before he does. I could not stand the pain of knowing he was the one who dumped me. What do I do? – Getty

Dear Getty

Dumping him first before he dumps you will not change the fact that you will be cutting your relationship. You need to ask yourself if your boyfriend really loves you, if your answer is yes then you will know that receiving a gift or not will make no difference to that.

Love is about much more than giving gifts. Gifts on Valentine’s Day are really a commercial gimmick designed to make shopkeepers wealthy. They are not a true symbol of love. If one does not give a Valentine’s gift it does not necessarily mean that he does not love his/her partner.

Some people consider every day to be their Valentine’s Day. So, if you know you love your boyfriend and he loves you back, you certainly do not need any present on the 14th of February. You are lucky to have heard that conversation. It will help you choose whether you still want the relationship or not. – Aunty Lisa

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