Violent effect of a genre that glorifies drugs and belittles rape victims

Crime is on the decrease in Zimbabwe, and some believe that popular culture not only makes it harder to fight, but actually encourages criminal behaviour.

Charity Charamba
Charity Charamba

The police have said that dancehall music is a contributing factor to gang violence in Zimbabwe.

“Lyrics that glorify the use of illegal drugs, anti-informer songs and songs supporting violent behaviour are influencing the crime situation in Zimbabwe,” said police spokesperson Charity Charamba.

Dancehall groups incite a gang mentality, often because music is produced in backyard studios of different communities, where fans pledge their allegiance to local artists.

The police believe violent lyrics promote a lifestyle that encourages lawlessness.

Asked if the fight against crime could be won, police said: “Our hands are not tied. It can happen.”

Political analyst Tich Masomere cited the lyrics of the song Kuprison by dancehall artist Crystal as evidence of the social dysfunctionality behind criminality in Zimbabwe. The song was banned from the airwaves.

“Zimbabweans seem to love an anti-authoritarian element in our culture,” said Masomere, adding that music such as Kuprison threatened to increase the number of rapes.

“These types of lyrics contradict our call for and end to abuse of women,” he said. “As an informal way of education, dancehall artists portray statutory rape law null and void referring to it as a victimless crime,” he continued.

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