Ambassador calls for stronger ties

Zimbabwe and Zambia can ease their economic woes through enhanced cooperation says Zambian Ambassador Ndiyoyi Mutiti.

Award-winning Ambassador Ndiyoyi Mutiti.
Award-winning Ambassador Ndiyoyi Mutiti.

In an exclusive interview with The Zimbabwean, Mutiti said the two countries should continue to work together to strengthen their economic and political ties, which date back to the colonial era.

Zimbabwe had great potential , but cooperation with other countries was essential to boost economic growth, he said. “No country lives in isolation because at the end of the day, you all have to depend on one another. By working together we will build a powerful economic base, rather than doing things in isolation. Currently, we are working on the Batoka Gorge Hydro-electric power station.

“Zimbabwe and Zambia are like Siamese twins, our cultures are almost similar and our economies are intertwined. Zambia also played a role in the early political life of Zimbabwe and that is something that should be allowed to go on,” said Mutiti.

This project on the Zambezi River is expected to generate 1,600 megawatts of electricity to be shared between the two countries. Of late, Zimbabwe has had to rely on Zambia to augument its grain reserves following poor harvests that have left an estimated 1,8 million in need of food aid.

Mutiti scooped the Diplomat of the Year Overall Award at an awards ceremony that was hosted by the Diplomat Magazine in the capital last week. She was the overall winner in the Diplomat of the Year from Africa as well.

The awards are held annually to honour outstanding diplomats for their hard work in improving cooperation between their countries and Zimbabwe.

“There are many areas that we are looking at economically, socially and politically in a bid to enhance the strong bilateral relations that currently exist between Zambia and Zimbabwe. In fact, we are looking forward to enhanced cooperation between our countries to our mutual benefit,” said Mutiti.

She said the award was testimony to the good bilateral relations that already existed. “They emanate from the fact that we are working together on various issues. When we talk about diplomacy, it’s about improved cooperation and I think this award is recognition of that,” she added.

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