CCJP challenges govt over healing

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe commemorated this year’s Social Justice Day last week by reminding the nation that there can never be sustainable peace unless people are willing and prepared to face their old wounds in order to heal them.

“As Zimbabweans, we have hurt each other in many different ways and over long periods of time. In the pre-colonial period, in the colonial era and in the post-colonial era where conflicts became complex and deep,” says CCJP.

“Violence has been institutionalized and a culture of impunity is entrenched in our society. Resulting tension and polarization threaten the existence of any sense of national common good and nationhood. Traumatized and fearful citizens cannot contribute to nation building. We are frozen in a war mode with the language and practices of a command structure.”

The commission appealed to the government to ensure that the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission and the Zimbabwe human Rights Commission were appointed in line with the provisions of the Constitution and are adequately resourced to enable them to carry out their functions effectively.

They further appealed to government to re-engage with the international community, to restore the national economy, particularly the manufacturing sector, to restore the public services sector which includes health, education, water, sanitation, transport and energy and to restore Zimbabwe’s historical status as the bread basket of the Southern Africa region with guaranteed food security for her people.

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