Child Labour in Zanu (PF)

Zanu (PF) spokesman, Psychology Maziwisa says Tsvangirai should take a leaf out of Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger’s book and accept responsibility for election defeat. Arsenal lost 6-0 to Chelsea. One wonders if any thought goes into Maziwisa’s speeches.

The same can be said of Mugabe, who blames everything but himself for the country’s problems. Mugabe, rather than manfully shouldering the responsibility, blamed sanctions for government’s failure to pay salary increments. Perhaps it was ‘Britain and her allies’ who told Mugabe to spend $1M of Harare ratepayers’ money in re-tarring roads just so he could impress Bona’s wedding guests. And sanctions too that have prevented him from acting on corruption. Kariba dam wall has cracks. Mugabe will look for a clause in the Lancaster House agreement, rather than mobilising resources to repair the wall.

Maziwisa’s Facebook posts should be dismissed as the wax crayon scribbles of a child who has been appointed to do the work of a grownup.

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