Coalition govt?

Morgan Tsvangirai has predicted that Mugabe will propose a coalition government, in order to jumpstart the dying economy. ‘They (Zanu (PF)) will come. There is nowhere to go.’


The main reason for Tsvangirai’s election defeat in July 2013 was the opposition’s collective naivety. It all began when Zanu (PF), which had been unwilling to approve the draft constitution, suddenly had a change of heart and pushed for a ‘yes’ vote in the referendum. When they suddenly agreed with the MDC-T on the draft document, alarm bells should have rung at Harvest House. Instead, MDC-T blindly joined them in campaigning for a ‘yes’ vote.

In terms of the GPA, the drafting of a new constitution was a precondition for holding elections. Zanu (PF) sanctioned the draft constitution, in order to rush the unprepared opposition into elections. The naivety of the MDC-T was even more evident when they waded into the crocodile-infested waters of an important election, despite visible signs that Zanu (PF) had planned to cheat. As the poll date approached, the voter’s roll was still unpublished, but still the opposition blundered on.

As things stand, for Tsvangirai to say that he expects Mugabe to invite him to the negotiating table once again reveals his political naivety. Mugabe’s main concern is to escape prosecution for his many human rights violations. As long as he remains in office, in terms of the AU resolution of 2013, he cannot not be brought before the ICC. Power cuts, potholes and Tokwe-Mukosi floods do not register on Mugabe’s conscience. He seems to live in his own little bubble. The stagnation of the country does not bother him one bit.

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