Female musician to share knowledge with less privileged peers

Upcoming musician, Tina Watyoka, 27, who launched her second album in Harare recently and studying for an honours degree in Music and Musicology, says she would organise workshops to share her knowledge with the less privileged female musicians who did not acquire formal music education.

Watyoka is poised for greater heights
Watyoka is poised for greater heights

The Chitungwiza based artist said she was not at the Midlands State University for personal gains, but to empower fellow artists who are in the industry just on the strength of talent.

“I would find time between my busy schedules to share knowledge with fellow female artists. “Knowledge acquired by one artist should benefit all,” Watyoka told The Zimbabwean.

The second year student in the four year university programme, Watyoka, is managing challenges posed by two worlds.

During the week she would be tied down in the class and travel to Harare at weekends for live shows. She is also a hit in Gweru where she sometimes stage shows.

University subjects

The degree programme at MSU covers both African and Western musical instruments. African instruments taught include Mbira, Ngoma, Marimba and Hosho while the Western cover the piano and guitar among others.

She is also taught music business and marketing, jazz music and ethnography for those aspiring to study and analyse other musicians’ music.

Subjects for those intending to be music teachers are covered in the syllabus.

At certificate level which she did in 2011, Watyoka, covered subjects such as playing instruments, forming a band, building an audience and live performances.

Watyoka launched her second CD “Ndoita Seyi” at the Harare Book Café last Thursday at a gig graced by over 150 fans and well-wishers.

The six track CD is made up of hit songs Ndoita Sei? (What shall I do), Regayi Ndiende (Let me go), Shivers, Usazvipe pressure (Don’t pressure yourself), Ndendende and Amai (Mother).

Watyoka is backed by the Session Musicians. Her debut album “Introducing Tina” was launched in 2011 and received regular airplay on the local radio stations.

What followed then is history

Watyoka plays a mixture of afro pop, soul jams, hip hop, traditional and some Mozambican ‘Pasada’ rhythms. Watyoka did not get into music by accident. “Since childhood I had always wanted to be a musician,” she said.

Her dreams were realised after a musical audition conducted by Daughters of Africa at Music Cross Roads, Hatfield in 2009.

Though she failed to make it into the required top five, she managed to negotiate and join Busi Ncube’s musical outfit at the event.

In 2010 together with the late Takunda Mafika, toured Germany, Italy, Australia and Switzerland for the Youth International Ochestra.

Watyoka has an ambition to establish a music academy to train children in music instrumentals. She has a dream to perform at big international music gigs.

Arts administrator with Pamberi Trust, Penny Yon, described Watyoka as a hardworking, gifted and ethical young musician.

“Watyoka made good use of musical facilities such as instruments and performing platforms provided for the development of women artists at the Book Café. She is poised for greater heights,” Yon told The Zimbabwean.


1. Watyoka was born in November 1989 in Beatrice, Zimbabwe

2. She did primary education at Dzidzai Primary School in Chitungwiza

3. Proceeded for Secondary education up to form four at Seke 1 High

4. Completed form 4 in 2005

5. Last born in a family of four children two boys two girls

6. Watyoka was mentored by Victor Kunonga, Alexio Kawara, Mono Mukundu and Nakappa among others.

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