Graphic designer’s beard alphabet

A New York graphic designer has created a new typeface - out of his facial hair.

Mike Allen took on the challenge after a dare from friends and has finally completed the letters after two years.

After carefully sculpting each letter he would have to shave it off and wait two weeks before attempting the next.

The design director at a New York branding agency explains: “I’ve been amused by the huge beard trend in the last couple years and by interesting and irregular facial hair styles.

“The idea for Alphabeard came from a joking conversation among friends until I started thinking of it as a real design problem. “The first letter I tried was the upper-case A. I found it so amusing, I had to try another on my next shave.

“A few weeks letter, I carved in stages the O, C, and L from a single beard. Each time I shaved, I’d have to wait a few weeks before I could shave the next one.

“Some people have given me way too much credit for the time and dedication it took to complete it, but really it just added a few minutes to my regular shaving routine.

“I would occasionally ask my six-year old son if he could recognise the letter I had created, or ask my wife if she’d like me to wear that letter for the day.”

Man uses forklift to release choc bar

The only thing worse than a vending machine swallowing your money is seeing your desired product get stuck.

Whilst most people would give the machine a sly nudge, Robert McKevitt, from Iowa in the USA, decided to use an 8,000lb (3,628kg) forklift to free his chocolate bar.

McKevitt must have thought his luck was in after the heavy machinery released a further two bars. But, his joy was short-lived after he was eventually fired for inappropriate use of the company’ property.

‘That machine was trouble,’ the 27-year-old said. ‘They fired me, and now I hear they have all new vending machines there.’

New app automatically texts your girlfriend

A new app aims to allow users to spend more time with their ‘bros’ by sending automated messages to their girlfriends.

The BroApp, which is available in the Android Play Store, allows users to send a series of automated lovey dovey messages.

Australian developers Factorial Products Ltd. describe the app as “smart” and a key way of “maximising your relationship”.

Users are asked to type in their girlfriend’s name and number when they first download the app, and after that it’s up to them to write the messages.

The app even detects when the user is at his girlfriend’s house by identifying her WiFi network, and doesn’t send any messages then – which would blow the whole cover.

It also detects when the user has messaged his girlfriend in real time, or she has messaged him, and cancels any pre-written texts to avoid arousing suspicion.

Finally, there is a ‘Girlfriend Intrusion Detector’, which the developers claim will send any inquisitive girlfriends to a list of gifts the user was planning to buy her if she tries to get into BroApp.

It is apparently only set up to send texts to women and is selling at £1.49 in the Android Play Store. Developers say they hope an iPhone version will be available soon.

Goat kids know how to amuse themselves

A video of a group of goats entertaining themselves by playing on a bendy metal shelter is going viral online.

More than 2.2million people have watched the clip, filmed in a farm field in France, on YouTube.

It shows the goats showing off amazing balancing skills as they perch precariously on the bendy sheet of metal.

And, even when one loses its footing and falls off, it manages to hop straight back on the flimsy structure. “Goats know how to have a good time,” said one amused viewer.

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