Have we become such a sadistic and desensitised society?

So we clamour over each other trying to get the latest leaked sex tapes of well-known people. We create a furore around them and even our streets become abuzz with street vendors selling illegal DVDs for a dollar or so. Those with no access to the DVDs ask their friends to send them the tapes.

Afterwards we spend so much time complaining that this sex tape was better than the other and the other is not worth watching.

The tapes go viral and no mention of the people involved can be done without linking them to the tapes.

It doesn’t end there. Then there is leaked tape of schoolgirl filmed being intimate with a group of schoolboys. Again we are all asking where we can find it, we get it, laugh and pass it on. Really?

Is this all it is to us? A little entertainment and distraction to our lives that we laugh off and move on?

A whole new world has been opened to us where information abounds in every form because anybody can create content and distribute it. There is very little thought given to the damage that the content will do to the people involved.

For a little laugh and ability to pass some judgment, we distribute this content widely throughout our communities.

If you have a daughter or sister, think for a moment how it would make you feel if a video of her being raped or even if it’s consensual, that people would pass it around so causally knowing fully well that there would not be any consequences for their actions.

There is a good reason why courts of law ban the naming or showing the face of some witnesses and victims – particularly if they are children. Publicising, even to a seemingly harmless circle of friends can easily become re-victimisation -particularly where a crime has been committed.

The simple argument could be that the ones involved in the videos or obscene material bring it upon themselves and they then need to live with the consequences – such as being judged by the wider society.

However, the saddest part is that we have become such a sadistic and de-sensitised society that our moral fibre of society is barely holding together any more.

New media is here and anyone with the time can create and distribute content. The saddest thing is that the more violent, vulgar and crude the material is, the larger the audience.

This is just a thought, the next time you think you are in possession of a juicy video or any other material worth distributing to the rest of the world.

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