I feel so cheap

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a young man who works as a general worker at a big company. I hate the fact that my job has no boundaries, I get to clean the offices and make tea for the bosses and others who are not even bosses. I feel so cheap when people younger than me talk to me without any respect. I am 33 years old but I get to see students who come for attachment and they start disrespecting me because of the nature of my job. I get so fed up but I can’t leave my job because I have no qualifications for the job I desire. How can I deal with this? – Joe

Dear Joe

You have two options – do your job with excellence and derive your self-worth from that. Or – if the opinion of others is more important to you – get out of your comfort zone and follow your dreams.

The decision is yours. If this is not the kind of job you want then do something about getting the one you desire. It is unfortunate that in our society people no longer command respect because of maturity or age. People are only respected because of power. The position someone has in society, one’s successes and achievements will earn one respect in life. If you want that respect, you need to start doing something to earn it.

However, you need not necessarily be someone great in terms of power to be important in other people’s lives. Sometimes it is also how you treat yourself in the eyes of those people. Do you respect the person you are? Appreciate and respect yourself and also respect those around you and those with humanity will see the real you and respect you. – Aunty Lisa

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