It’s Corruption, Stupid

Temba Mliswa, MP Hurungwe West, has added his voice to Zanu (PF)’s empty corruption rhetoric, saying “Zimbabwe’s biggest threat at the moment is corruption, not sanctions.”

Despite never having been convicted, Mliswa has been arrested several times – those that keep count say 64 times – and every man and his dog is aware of his Zimbabwe rugby shenanigans. The fact that he is now a lawmaker, in spite of his catalogue of arrests, is the 8th natural wonder. But here he stands on his self-constructed pedestal, taller than the statue of Rhodes, speaking against corruption.

It has been almost three months since the parastatal scandals emerged and six months since Happison Muchechetere was placed on paid leave for incompetence at ZBC. Rather than facing prosecution and seizure of all his ill-gotten assets, Cuthbert Dube, who awarded himself a $500K per month salary, brazenly continued to report for duty at PSMAS – early as a bird – a month after his supposed dismissal, right under Mugabe’s presidential nose. Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba, still has a job, despite benefitting from the PSMAS looting. It has been three weeks since Mugabe revealed that one of his ministers was in the habit of demanding payment from investors to facilitate meetings with the president.

Mliswa’s speeches will be more believable if he and the few honest comrades, if there are any in Zanu (PF), deliver to us on a platter the head of a corrupt government official. Until such time, Mugabe and Mliswa’s anti-corruption rhetoric will be archived under section ‘H’, for hot-air.

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