Kuwait waiting to help Zim

Zimbabwe should make extensive use of its mineral resources to promote self-sufficiency in the face of food shortages and an economic meltdown, says Kuwaiti Ambassador Ahmed Khalid.

Ambassador Ahmed Khalid: We are waiting  for the Zimbabwean government to tell us what  they need.
Ambassador Ahmed Khalid: We are waiting for the Zimbabwean government to tell us what they need.

In an exclusive interview with The Zimbabwean on the sidelines of celebrations to mark the Kuwait’s 53rd National Day last week he said if the mineral resources were effectively used, they could stimulate economic growth.

Khalid expressed his country’s commitment to assisting Zimbabwe in various sectors. “After the Arabic Africa Summit, relations between Zimbabwe and Kuwait became stronger. We have talked about Kuwait funds to help. We are waiting for the Zimbabwe government to tell us what they need so that we can assist,” said Khalid.

“Zimbabwe has the resources and the problem now is how to get the food. I think it is important to have value addition instead of exporting the minerals in their raw state,” he added.

Deals in the diamond sector have been shrouded in secrecy amid reports of massive looting by the country’s political elite, a development analysts say has resulted in the country failing to realise benefits from its mineral resources.

He dispelled claims by Zanu (PF) that “illegal Western sanctions” were to blame for the economic decline and said the country should be able to benefit from its Look East policy rather than pointing fingers at European countries.

“The government of Zimbabwe now has good relations with China and other countries such as India. There are many big countries that are willing to work with Zimbabwe besides the European countries,” said Khalid. But economic analysts say the Look East policy has failed to realise benefits, with major ally China being blamed for benefiting at the expense of Zimbabwe.

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