Mangoma & Mkwananzi are great leaders

EDITOR – In my view, Tendai Biti is too weak to challenge Morgan Tsvangirai. Promise Mkwananzi and the on-fire Elton Mangoma are undisputed democrats who should be applauded for a bold stance on Tsvangirai.

The future of the MDC-T does not lie in the hands of people like Tendai Biti, Nelson Chamisa or Ian Makone but in fair-minded leaders like Elton Mangoma and youth secretary general Promise Mkwananzi.

The MDC-Tis a violent political party with an intolerant and selfish leader in Morgan Tsvangirai.

What is certain for now is that project Morgan Tsvangirai has collapsed and only those believing that a rock can produce water will continue to support him. It is not correct that Mugabe and Tsvangirai are the only ones qualified to run Zimbabwe. Both are just moving corpses and irrelevant to the future of this country.

Morgan Tsvangirai is not a brand that is worth funding or one we can expect to win future elections. Tsvangirai is likely to be left with the smallest party since those calling for his ousting are powerful individuals with intact brains.

Roy Bennett and Ian Kay are key members of the party who deserve respect rather than abuse.

History should judge Tsvangirai for now and those with eyes to see and brains to see will understand why powerful founder members of the party like Prof Welshman Ncube, Gibson Sibanda, Renson Gasela and others dumped Morgan Tsvangirai.

Welshman Ncube is one leader with the undisputable capacity to lead Zimbabwe and change any game plan in order to produce results. I read that he has now produced a comprehensive roadmap to win the 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Morgan Tsvangirai is a very risky and clueless political leader who can only be followed by politically blind supporters like those scolding and bashing Mangoma for telling the truth and proving the non-existence of democracy in the MDC-T.

Tsvangirai has turned the MDC-T into his personal village political party. It’s no longer a party for the Karanga, Manicas or Ndebeles in Matebeleland. – Gugugu Magorira, Zvishavane

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