Marondera cuts workers’ salaries

Marondera municipality has ‘slashed’ workers’ salaries to sustain its activities from the little revenue trickling into its coffers, says Town Clerk, Josiah Musuwo.

Affected workers would be those in the grade six category and above.

The lowly paid in grade five and below were exempted from the interim salary cuts which took effect from end of this month.

Musuwo clarified that the measures taken did not translate into a permanent salary cut, since council would make every effort to pay affected workers what they would be deprived of now, should the council’s fortunes improve.

“It is just an interim measure taken to equitably share the diminishing council cake among all workers,” said Musuwo.

Musuwo said the development would help council guarantee fixed monthly pay dates.

Due to limited revenue, the local authority struggled to pay workers salaries on time.

Though Musuwo was not at liberty to disclose how much revenue the local authority collected every month, sources at the finance department said it did not exceed $150, 000 per month.

The local authority collects an average $5, 000 per day in revenue.

This was less than the monthly salary bill hovering over $260, 000 every month.

Like other local authorities, Marondera was struggling to squeeze rates from struggling ratepayers.

The situation was worsened by Minister of Local Government, Ignatius Chombo’s 2013 directive to freeze debts owed local authorities by ratepayers.

Following the directive, most ratepayers became reluctant to meet their obligations to councils, hoping a similar amnesty would be announced in the future.

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