Nikuved elections

Biti went on to praise Zanu (PF)’s populist tactics of offering land, a strategy he called ‘selling practical realities,’ versus his party’s approach of ‘selling hopes and dreams.’ What will really infuriate MDC-T loyalists is that Biti has indirectly rubbished the party’s claims of ‘Nikuved’ elections and of the Registrar General’s concealment of the voters’ roll. In its attempt to prove rigging, the MDC-T has a dossier –

His speech begs the question: If he genuinely wants to fight for the little woman in Dotito – whoever she is – why has he publicly made remarks that are damaging to his party’s cause? One theory is that, rather than an endorsement of Zanu (PF), Biti’s remarks are the precursor to the announcement of another break-away party. Whatever his motives, what is clear is that Biti can only expect expulsion or suspension from MDC-T.

Robert Mugabe recently branded former finance minister, Simba Makoni, ‘academically intelligent but politically foolish.’ Being a man of advanced years, it is possible he got the names muddled. Perhaps he was speaking of another former finance minister.

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