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Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a young woman aged 22; I got a job two weeks ago. I have been working very hard, giving it my best, but l recently got a call from my boss who said I needed to step up my game and show that I am serious with my work.

I got so confused and let down, honestly I don’t know what he means because I have been 100% dedicated. My colleague actually joked about my commitment the first week saying that I would take the employee of the month award. But now this. I don’t know how he means that I should step up my game. I sometimes think of giving up. – Diana

Dear Diana

I understand how confused you must be. Sometimes bosses avoid giving their employees all the nice praises because they think they will grow wings and then the company won’t survive without them. In the process they forget to give any praise at all.

You say you have been doing your best and genuinely don’t know where you are lacking. What you need to do is politely ask your boss if he can take a few minutes to explain how he sees things – how exactly does he want you to step up your game. Ask him for specific instructions.

He needs to know that you are dedicated and committed to the job. If he thinks otherwise then he needs to help you by pointing out the weakest links so you know where to improve. Kindly approach your boss and make him understand that you heard what he said and you have thought about it.

Tell him that, as you have been strategizing on how to improve, you got stuck on what needs to be done exactly. Ask for his guidance and do not be mad with him. At the end of the day what you want is to grow as a person and improve on your job, he has the experience to help you. Be open with your boss in a kind and polite manner. Good Luck. – Aunty Lisa

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