One big party

In the past three months, Mugabe and Zanu (PF) have blown well over $5Million in meaningless festivities – $3M for the December congress, $1M for Mugabe’s birthday and goodness knows how much more at the wedding of Bona. The renovation of roads to State House alone cost $1M. Mugabe’s recent splurge gives an alternative meaning to the phrase, ‘Zanu (PF) is one big party.’

Party spokesman, Rugare Gumbo has referred to Tsvangirai’s predictions as preposterous, before confidently declaring that, on the back of Zanu (PF)’s blueprint, the country will see an uplift in the economy ‘in six months time.’ Unless they have a powerful n’anga on the payroll – somebody more powerful than Rotina the Chinhoyi diesel charlatan – nothing new will happen between now and June, at which point Mugabe will have been in power for a full year, post GNU.

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