Outbreak of senility

Sithembiso Nyoni (Matebeleland North MP) and Simon Khaya Moyo (Zanu (PF) national chairman) were at election victory celebrations in Nkayi. One wonders whether there might be an outbreak of senility among the senior citizens at Zanu (PF). Thirty-five years after the last bullet was fired from the Rhodesian FN, they still speak of ‘the enemy.’

Fourteen years after seizing all white-owned farms, they still harp on about ‘indigenisation.’ It is as if the party bigwigs fell into a coma in 1979 and have only just woken up, belatedly celebrating an event which transpired long ago. Maybe the election victory has still not sunk in.

Perhaps Biti was correct the first time round, when he said even they could not believe they had won. ‘Bhora mugedhe’ The ball struck the back of the net nine months ago. The time for election celebrations has gone. It is time to deliver the promises made in June 2013. – Till next week, my pen is capped. [email protected]

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