Pregnant and poor

Dear Aunty Lisa

I have been married for a year now and my husband is a self-employed carpenter, he does not earn much, just enough for the two of us. I am pregnant with our first child and I am afraid with the baby on its way we will not manage from his meagre income. I want the best for my baby, I don’t want her to grow up in the ghetto like I did and I want the best education for her. So, I am a bit concerned.

I want my husband to look for a proper job that can earn us more. He is so comfortable with carpentry and he is so damn passionate about it, I don’t know how to convince him to leave it. Please help? – Winny

Dear Winny

Your husband has no problem as I see it. He is someone passionate about what he is doing. His job may not be earning him much but it is something he can develop and grow into a big business. All your successful businessmen, from the Philip Chiyangwas to the Strive Masiiwas, they did not erect their businesses overnight. Your husband is on the right track he needs your support.

You need to also stop being dependent. Your family is growing and you need to be helping your husband. You need to look for a job yourself once the baby has come. That is what women of today do. Find a source of income that you can work at supplementing your husband’s income. Together you can work towards building something strong.

It is time the mentality of finding employment stops in most of us; you need to think of creating employment. Why not become the employers? Yes, your husband can. He needs patience, support and self-belief. That is why he needs a partner – you need to pull in the same direction. Then you will really be able to get somewhere.

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