Python eats crocodile

A 10ft python swallowed an entire crocodile after an epic battle lasting four hours in Australia.

Onlookers watching the fight were left stunned when they saw the snake coil itself around the crocodile, which was around 3ft, before devouring it. Tiffany and Travis Corlis, who are both local authors, saw the end of the fight at Queensland’s Lake Moondarra.

“Our local canoe club had a race meet on the lake – the battle was actually taking place at their finish line,” Mrs Corlis told Sky News. “We went down to the water’s edge, by that stage the croc was still alive and was fighting to keep its head above water. “The snake was firmly wrapped around the croc. “When the snake finally did kill the croc, it dragged it to the bank and consumed it in around 15 minutes. “They had quite the struggle in the water. We were just standing there in amazement watching it.”Mt Isa resident Marvin Muller also snapped the wrestling match, telling ABC North West: “Pretty cool experience, not something you think you’re going to see but I guess up in Mount Isa in the outback you see some pretty cool things.”

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