Scholarship scheme collapses

President Robert Mugabe has stopped enrolling students under the Presidential Scholarship Fund due to non-availability of funds.

Chris Mushowe
Chris Mushowe reports that the scheme’s administrators have admitted there was no money to pay for new students or meet the needs of the thousands already on the scheme – despite Mugabe holding a $5 million wedding for his daughter this year.

“We owe South African universities R11 million (US$1 million) hence we decided to suspended enrolling further students until we clear the arrears,” said the director, Chris Mushowe.

Over 4,000 students are studying in South Africa, but in the last few years many have been exposed to poverty and other social ills as the cash-strapped government failed to pay living allowances to cater for their basic need. Students study as far abroad as Russia and Cuba, where they have been stranded without return airfares to come home.

The fund was given to Mugabe for his birthday by the party many years ago.

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