Soulbourne takes Jairos Jiri Band’s place

Jairos Jiri Band, led by the late talented blind singer Paul Matavire and then by Joseph Mabvuramiti, made it big in Zimbabwe with their hard-hitting hit songs like “Dhindindi Full Time”.

Now decades have gone by and no other group made up of physically challenged members has come near them, save for Soulbourne, an urban contemporary music group that first came into the limelight in 2009, thanks to the push by the late musician Prince Tendai.

Since his death, the group has been struggling to record another album after their 2009 debut release “Is it True?” which their late mentor financed and helped in launching and marketing.

The group – two of whose members are wheelchair-bound – recently opened up to The Zimbabwean during a charity gospel music concert dubbed “Crossover to Supernatural Increase” held in the Harare Gardens. “We are still alive and determined to stamp our position as a group that represents a certain section of society – the physically challenged. If Jairos Jiri Band made it big, why can’t we make it in Zimbabwe today, especially in the urban contemporary music realm?” said Bright Kadengu, otherwise known as Spice B.

He showered praise on the promoter of the show, whom he described as a person who had issues of marginalized people at heart. “The promoter of this concert is a person who is concerned with giving a privilege to people of different life challenges to showcase their talents. So when he invited us to participate, we said why not take up the challenge? We still have the strength to move forward, and we want to prove to the world that Soulbourne is still alive.”

He lamented how some “dubious” promoters offered the group a lot of false promises. “A lot of dubious music promoters have been approaching us with offers to work with us but at the end of the day we realized that they have other motives. We are into music to use our talents to fend for ourselves but some people fail to understand this and think that they can ride on our back for nothing,” Spice B said.

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