Tsvangirai against another GNU

Zimbabwe is in a crisis and the only solution would be a legitimate and democratically elected government, says MDC-T President, Morgan Tsvangirai.


Tsvangirai ruled out his participation in any future Government of National Unity with Zanu (PF), since his party “was used by Zanu (PF) in the past to revive all sectors of the economy only to be robbed at the 2013 election.”

Addressing journalists in the presence of the MDC-T National Executive and other top party officials at Harvest House Tuesday, Tsvangirai described the Zanu (PF) government as arrogant and bankrupt of clues regarding how to deal with the national crisis.

“Given the current crisis, if Mugabe was a responsible leader, he would call out to other players such as me among others to provide solutions,” Tsvangirai said.

If Mugabe continued hiding his head in the sand, according to Tsvangirai, he would burn together with his party.

Tsvangirai expressed concern at what he described as Zimbabwe’s serious crisis of legitimacy, leadership, economy, governance and expectation.

He said anything shot of an exclusive MDC-T government would not turn fortunes of the country.

Tsvangirai took the opportunity to disclose that the MDC-T Standing Committee had resolved to iron out intra-party differences.

He said the five hour meeting held last Friday brought up ‘unprecedented harmony and peace among the party leadership’.

The MDC-T leader said it was important that there be stability and discipline down the party ranks.

He said ambitions were not criminal but they have to be left for the Congress which ‘has supremacy over leadership issues’.

Tsvangirai said instead of intra-party fighting, energies and resources should be directed towards solidarity against poverty, disenfranchisement among other problems.

“People invested a lot in the Movement for Democracy and whatever we do must not betray them,” Tsvangirai said, emphasising the need to mobilise people and confront dictatorship.

Tsvangirai said together with his team, they had boundless energy to fulfil the task.

He said his party was a big tent from which no one should leave.

“Suffering by Zimbabweans would come to an end in our life-time,” said Tsvangirai.

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