UK cops probe Zim ministers

Zimbabwean government officials are under investigation by London police for money laundering, a leaked document claims.

The mansion in Hong Kong where Bona Mugabe lived who owns it?
The mansion in Hong Kong where Bona Mugabe lived who owns it?

Compiled after lengthy investigations by a high-powered group of private individuals in the diaspora, the document includes volumes of information from the London Metropolitan Police Service’s Proceeds of Corruption unit.

The unit has opened dockets against officials who have been using a complex web of fronts and foreign banks to buy property worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

“(Despite Mugabe’s) antipathy towards the British, the metropolitan police allege that senior government officials have secretly acquired hundreds of millions of dollars of London real estate through a series of straw men and front companies,” says the report. President Robert Mugabe refers to the UK as a “very cold, inhabitable country with very small houses” and considers it an enemy of his government.

A sworn statement names a middleman as being among those fronting for the officials. He acts as a go-between for companies managed from the Isle of Man. “The properties themselves and the rents accrued are managed by a company based in Wimbledon, which holds property running into hundreds of millions of pounds based on price of purchase,” says the police statement.

The Zimbabwe government is embroiled in an ownership dispute with a Chinese businessman over a plush $5 million mansion in Hong Kong used by Bona Mugabe during her university studies in that country.

The Metropolitan Police press office promised to get back to us with answers to our queries, but had not done so by the time of going to press.

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