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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Do you think Biti will be expelled from MDC-T ? If not, why not?

This Biti guy is very dull when it comes to politics. His behaviour resembles that of a devorced woman who will start to shout in public how her husband is ineffective in bed. When Welshman and Job went their way, they never praise zanu pf. Daniel Shumba once left zanu pf but never praised mdc. Biti and Madhuku’s behaviours do not befit those of politicians. I really wonder how Tendai Biti came to be that party’s secretary general in the first place. – Mudavanhu Marume

Kkkkkkkk peter masanga ndanakirtwa zvangu nestatement rako rotten tomatoe chokwadi ichocho – Sheilar Mashapa

The person who betrayed mdc has been Tsvangirai who gave Mugabe a retirement package by going to elections without voters roll when Sadc tried to give him hints of the dangers and hazards that lay ahead. As always like Tsvangirai nenharo, he went alone and committed suicide, wether Biti said this or that,the biggest problem we have now is inept Tsvangirai – Duran Rapozo

Biti shud beta join zpf. Surely munhu ano critisiz party yake on public after all he is an influencial figure – Edson D Dzimati

Biti is NOT MDC. the party can still move on without him. – Max Dube

It is difficult to take him seriously in whatever he says. The other year, 2008, he made many statements concerning results of that poll. – Lloyd Choto

Biti could have been misquoted, if he has time with the President MRT, he will change. – Rees Chitova

If you really know what is meant by the tearm politics please be still. Its only a matter that a pure politician can not be a pure economist but a pure economist can… – TAle ZVoutete

Makunakuna muZimbabwe.maninji.asi ndiye urikuda kuitwa minister we finance kani.- Shupikai Matambo

National executive biti must go or else u r the ones who will go – Docter Nhunzvatunzva

Not expelling Biti doesn’t help MDC in anyway. He is a rotten tomatoe, if left in the basket there are high chances of spoilling all other fresh ones by the end of the day. – Peter Masanga

Let Biti go.He sold out. – Edmore Mapfumo Chiti

Ndima iyi ine makata chin’una changu inotoda mushina muhombe….. – Cosmas Mapira

Unfortunately quite possibly, a real shame that the MDC-T are turning on each other instead of ZANU-PF – @Cde_Mugabe

The Party of Excellence is spiralling out of control – @ConorMWalsh

I think Pendai Mbiti is tryng 2 dstroy MDC-T 4rm within. Mbiti handifunge kuti ramangwana rako rakajeka mupolitcs against Morgan waita mutete iwe raungagone nderekumiririra Gono. – Cosmas Mapira

Cosmas Mapira
Cosmas Mapira

The reason the rebels wanted leadership change by letter was always because they couldnt win election – @Taffgidi

That said, true leaders understands when its time for change even when he an still win an election! Save needs that – @Taffgidi

If there is any like self expulsion, this is it. An intellectual removes self from a system. THE END IS NEAR. To us ordinary Zimbabweans life goes on. Our lord will provide. – Charles Hermann Madhara

I dont think its health for MDC T to start expelling members, this is the tym party needs to rebuild and re-organise. Let thoz who want to leave do so in their own, if Biti expelled this might send a wrong statement to others who will think that Mr Tsvangirai expelled Biti fearing of his challenge. – Evans Thulani Ndaba

Biti was just exercising his freedom of expression. That’s other party/ MO to expel/punish ppl for opinions – @Mambokadzi

There is a world of difference between being one of the finest lawyers and being a bright politician. It’s hard to morphe (sic) legal prowess into political ring tone but easier to school a politician into law. – Takemore Major Majabule

Biti will not be expelled! Firstly because it is clear the storm has passed. Also because he casts a huge shadow!- @Taffgidi

I share your view. ZanuPF is going to hit some very hard times, the opposition needs to be ready to capitalize on that – @ConorMWalsh

Do you think Makoni would make a better President than Mugabe?

Surely what is happening this days exposes Mugabe and his cronies ‘s true characters.These people are heartless, stiffnecked , sadists, greedy and very arrogants. Women and children are sleeping outside homeless but they are busy doing endless birthday parties. And what is embarrassing the victims of floods are receiving aid from South Africa while our leaders are busy enjoying themselves. Right nw the nation is struggling people are living in confusion unemployment and corruption is rising drastically but our leaders are busy making new babies and squandering state funds.Surely I think Makoni is better becoz he is not cruel like Mugabe – Kurauwone Chinyama

Ko iwe une moyo wakanaka wakaitei zvauri kungotaura vamwe.shame dzokera kumavambo kwako zimbavha – Tatenda Gayihayi

Yes – Joel Matutu

He wasn’t invited that’s the truth – Sunganai Nyamakawo

Cultism & stampeding for attention is the order of the day.These functions have ceased to serve their purpose but are now being used to prop up a dicredited regime.Surely its like a father blowing his earnings on a drinking binge while the family wallow in poverty. Ukaona baba wakuramba uchiyeuchidza vana kuti ndiwe baba pava nedambudziko hombe. Your actions earns you the respect & position as a father. – Bee Tee

Of course yes, he’s not dire like old dude. – Irvine Mupfuri

Obviously he is far much better than Mugabe – Wellington Tinaye Matutu

Yes. Almost anyone would make a better President than Mugabe @TheZimbabwean. Do you think Makoni would make a better President than Mugabe? – @ConorMWalsh

subjective argument chief, an opinion thesis maybe? against what qualities (track record) do we measure one against the other? – @ResurrectZim

From our of 34 yr experience we know for certain Mugabe is a bad leader so Makoni might be a much much better leader – @RebelMunyukwi

Makoni for President – Angela Botha

What do you think should be done about this Chinese firm, Jin Yang Africa (PVT) Ltd?

Hey hama paShurugwi maitirwa manenji .hey Chinas dzokerai munodya imbwa kunyika kwenyu.hutsotsi hunezvivanhu zvemaziso madiki – Milliam Mangoyi

Thats bhora mugedhe munofunga kuti mugabe anebasa nemwi anoziva kuti hamuna kumuvhotera makamuramba akabatsirwa nemachina kurigger ma election imwivo mashurugwi nembiri yamuinayo mongotarisa machina achikorokoza imwi muripo aaaah itai zvamakaita kwachiyadzwa – Kudakwashe Dion Mabeza

Ngavadzoserwe kuChina. – Gain Sibanda

The Chinese firm is just breaking the laws like everyone else… – @Mambokadzi

The good honourable doctor francisnhema will surely deal with it. – @mntini

Do YOU agree that we don’t need another party, we need better politicians?

Yes – Kenneth Baloyi

What we is a CHANGE in Zimbabwe.We want our dream to come true of new begining new Zimbabwe! -Kurauwone Chinyama

yes coz we cant be all leaders leading who? – Nicholars Ngwenya

Zim opposition leaders are proving to have a different agenda compared to the people they lead – @Gr8Zimbabwe

Everyone is a politician but majority just remain in family politics and avoid/fear national [email protected]

Too late. These fools always keep their eyes on the money. Forget the masses. – @normanmusimwa74

Its a good thing though when a nation starts to see through its leaders’ lies. It starts to grow. – @Webster_IM

I also believe we are now maturing as a nation and its finally the dawn of a new era Elections2018 – @Gr8Zimbabwe

Recent Developments in #Zim are exposing uncomfortable truths about the political economy of the world – @Webster_IM

Agree something new needs to happen in Zim’s political culture for this viscious cycle to be broken – @MCFNottingham

Truth is we need to replace all out politicians in 2018 – @Gr8Zimbabwe

Do you think the demolition of illegal homes is a violation of human rights?

God bless Zimbabwe. – Takemore Major Majabule

Our Mighty Lord through the blood of your son Jesus Christ help the ordinary Zimbabwean at this darkest hour. AMEN – Charles Hermann Madhara

They have very little already and instead of being offered help their houses are torn down?! But does it surprise me, no. – Lily-Anne Markham

Do you think under-utilised farms should be returned to their owners?

All Black yes I do because at least those who utilise it can begin to farm and feed the nation instead of just themselves….one of the steps to rebuilding a self sufficient successful country again – PissyWhiskers

Co-existence is the best solution to the land issue black or white. The majority of the grabbed farms have been non productive , under utilized , lying idle since 1999 – Josphat Khumalo

Best judge good judgement – T Man Mario

It should be done to all the under performing farmers – Shepherd WaMasedze

Excellent! May many people benefit from this decision! More food, more jobs ! – Mark Ross

All land under utility at the time of abduction can be returned to original farmers while all idol land be redistributed – @RebelMunyukwi

Yes the purpose of the gvt’s land reform is to retain the bread busket status of southern Africa. Full utilisation of the available land is needed. Thanks to the judge. – Jacob Chifire

Would you allow your wife to join a group that included former sex workers?

Yes – Sheilar Mashapa

Nada – Simba Leon Chivizhe

of course I would. Everyone deserves a second chance. – @vincemusewe

Why do you think Zimbabweans are so steadfast in the face of adversity?

Fear breeds misery in the land’- Prof Chinua Achebe – Bornwell Gavi

It’s timidity. Look at the South African reaction to arrival of colonisers: The Zulus picked up their assegais & ran at the flaming muzzles of Boer rifles. In Zim, the southerners (of Nguni blood) offered resistance. The tribes further up (and they form the majority of Zimbabwe) did not resist as much. Education doesnt come into play. In 1890s we had no education but Northern tribes didnt really fight the foreigners. – Kudzai Ezekiel

Fear and stupidity – Dominic Maphosa

Not at all! Once u see a person getting used to poverty, then we have a serious problem bcoz it lowers your desire to achieve something. Celebrating when power comes back means that indeed it’s fact that electricity is important in our lives. Of coz being educated make us to behave too cautiously even the situation demands otherwise. – Lee Clemence Mavasa

Its docility, and fear. Don’t mention the word education. An educated person does not smile when he is oppressed.Its fear!FEAR is a man’s greatest enemy.If it gets into yu it will destroy yo spirit.Too much FEAR and cowardice breeds poverty and misery in the land! – Kurauwone Chinyama

Prof Chinua Achebe said that but we know what is worth dying for, Zimbabweans aren’t stupid. – Memory Mawere

What do you think of Mhlanga’s response ?

I think he’s a political appointee. It is cheaper for them to folk out just a million than pay millions more in bettering the lives of the displaced people. – Lloyd Choto

He is a fool,a misguided chairman -Tonderai Chikwiri

Zimbabwe’s first ever World Boxing Champion!

Well done Manyuchi. You did the nation proud. – Tims Kams

This guy has been doing the nation proud but is hardly recognised locally nor does he get any form of assistance from government. But ndopaunoona vana Munyaradzi vachipiwa $300 000.00 for losing BBA!! Zvimwe zvinhu so haaa…. – Paddington Mutengwa

Hei I ran out of breath mid sentence ‘NT SEEN NOTHING YET” wait till my champ gets his hands on Mayweather. – Moyo Bhowasi

We need to set up a system whereby members of the public can blow the whistle – maybe even for a material reward – on instances of corruption.’ Wilf Mbanga, Editor.

There is no country in the world wth many roadblocks like Zim.reduce the visiblity of police on the road and train a few to be traffic officials on the road.Have traffic officers similar to the mzansi sytle – T Man Mario

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