ZimRights bemoans theft of resources

We as ZimRights stand together in solidarity with TIZ in advocating for a Transparent Public Sector Accountability and Good Corporate Governance. We believe that when accountability mechanisms are weak or non-existent, it becomes too easy for human rights violations to occur.


The recent exposures of corruption in Zimbabwe are saddening as they have a direct impact on human rights. Theft of resources intended to help realise fundamental rights to justice, health, water, food, and education lead to disastrous consequences such as poor service delivery and lose of lives.

The country is economically crippled as wealth continues to be plundered by the privileged minority while the majority wallow in abject poverty.

It is unbelievable that in a country with most people surviving in less than a $1 on a daily basis, some people could be earning as high as $300 000 per month. Most companies are being forced out of business due to corruption and many people are losing jobs in the process.

Statistics by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions estimate that about 100 companies have closed since Zanu (PF) was elected into government last July. The labour body estimates that over 10,000 jobs have been lost. The root cause of this predicament is corruption where most individuals are demanding kickbacks from already struggling companies while chief executive offices are also milking the companies to death.

Sadly, despite abundance of evidence, there has been reluctance to act. The stance taken by Parliament to demand evidence from Members of Parliament when debating issues could mean important issues like corruption will no longer be discussed.

Recently, the Speaker of Parliament Jocob Mudenda censured MPs on the issues raised by Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya about the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority boss Gershem Pasi’s salary and Parliament Clerk Austin Zvoma’s benefits

No effort was made for the two to prove to Parliament that Chikwinya had lied despite the issue being dismissed as a mere allegation. We expect Parliament to debate such issues openly which will help in crafting of laws that can be used to curb corruption.

ZimRights therefore condemns corruption and urges responsible authorities to implore stringent laws and mechanisms that deter offenders. Parliament should also speedily come up with new pieces of legislation to end corruption.

Social and economic ills such as perennial urban water challenges and hunger may be curtailed if transparency in such critical sectors is enforced by the state. To regain citizens’ trust, government officials should work with the people to recall why we created government in the first place and what benefits it provides us.

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