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Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a very busy mother; I go to work and finish late. My husband is self-employed and so he comes back home earlier than me. This means he spends a few hours with the kids and the maid as he waits to pick me up around 9pm every day. I finish late because my job is very demanding and I got promoted and the top position demands a lot of hard work and supervising others.

I have heard some people asking me how l feel when my husband has to take care of the kids in my absence, they make it sound as if I am neglecting my kids, which sometimes get to me. My husband understands and has not complained, he is very supportive and wants me to do well. Do you think I am a bad mother and that my husband would make my maid a wife if I continue with this job? – Boss Lady

Dear Boss Lady

You should thank God for such an amazing husband! Women empowerment is what we are advocating for isn’t it, let’s not prove right those who say women do not know what they want. If we want decision-making positions like men, then we need to start acting like them.

You won’t find a man who complains about not spending time with his kids because of work, they appear to put their job first and they continue to excel. I am happy you have the backing of your husband, that is gold.

The idea that your husband will end up bedding the maid is instilled by a patriarchal society that believe women should never occupy decision-making positions in the public domain. The best thing to do is to set your mind straight and know that you are doing this for your own success that will lead to success for your whole family. You are not doing this to impress anyone. You are going to be labelled, you are going to be called a man and a controlling wife who has ‘silenced’ her husband with some juju or love potion – but you need to turn a deaf ear to that if you are going to be a successful boss-lady.

Congratulations on your promotion and keep representing women up there. I must emphasize though that what you need to keep going is the support and love of your husband. So, you need to fuel it by showing that you appreciate him a lot. – Aunty Lisa

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