April Fools’ Day hoaxes round-up 2014

The world’s media has been having its annual April Fools’ Day fun - here is our round-up of some of the best hoaxes.

Scottish independence was the most popular subject in Britain with The Telegraph revealing plans to put Alex Salmond’s face on a Scottish pound coin from next year.

Meanwhile the Guardian revealed that drivers in Scotland will be switching to driving on the right if independence is given the green light.

The Independent reveales the UN may step in to monitor ‘cross-border tensions’ in the event of a Yes vote. Officials feared Braveheart-style ‘face-offs’ in border towns.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail said Britain Union flag would be redesigned to take out the blue if Scotland voted to leave Britain.

And The Times claimed a nonagenarian German Duke may have claim to rule over an independent Scotland.

Moving on, the Daily Mirror reported that One Direction have been banned from North Korea unless they all have the same haircut as Kim Jong-un – and change their name to Un Direction.

The Mirror also reckoned that a British farmer had successfully produced the first six-legged lambs and now hoped to breed them on a mass scale to reduce the cost of meat.

On a similar theme, both the Daily Express and ITV claimed chickens at a farm Suffolk had laid square eggs.

The Bristol Post carried a story claiming that the dodo’s extinction came when the very last bird was fried and served with chips in the city.

Of course, the days have long gone when April Fools’ hoaxes were solely the preserve of newspapers and TV and radio stations.

Google alone came up with several – including the Auto Awesome photobomb feature which apparently makes David Hasselhoff pop up in user’s photos.

Developers also turned Google Earth into a Pokemon game and revealed plans to Emojify the internet, by auto-translating web pages to use coloured icons instead of words.

The Sun reported that The Queen was digging up Buckingham Palace’s historic gardens to drill for gas to reduce utility bills.

Metro reported that Sir Alex Ferguson’s face was to appear on Man United shirts, that Ant and Dec are to split, and that the government is to ban selfies.

Domino’s supposedly unveiled the world’s first edible pizza box, the Edibox, saying: “Why think outside the box, when you can eat it?”

Mumsnet said it was taking over NHS maternity wards, and promised of ‘gin bars’, free WiFi and queen beds with luxury goosedown mattress toppers.

Huffington Post’s Weird News illustrated every story – no matter the subject – with pictures of cats.

And Thorpe Park announced plans to be the world’s first theme park to open its rides to dogs.

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