Civil servants’ patience stretched to the limit

Civil servants’ anger over unfulfilled pay increase promises made in January has reached boiling point.

Former APEX chairperson and President of College Lecturers Association of Zimbabwe, David Dzatsunga, told The Zimbabwean that workers desperately needed money as they were over borrowed.

“There is unprecedented apprehension and anger that has no outlet among civil servants over the salary issue,” said Dzatsunga, adding that he would be surprised if government managed to effect the salary adjustment April and backdate it to January.

He said the way forward would be charted at a salary negotiation meeting today (Thursday).

Chairperson for APEX and President with the Zimbabwe Teachers Association, Richard Gundani, said the workers were living on hope that the promised salaries would be paid this month.

He said the meeting would also provide an opportunity for the salary promises to be formally communicated to civil servants – unlike those made in the past at political rallies.

In February, government and civil servants representatives agreed on a salary deal that would leave the least paid worker earning $375 per month up from $297. Civil servants had demanded a $530 minimum basic salary.

This would raise the salary bill for the 230,000 workers from $142 million to $155 million a month.

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